World Cup 2018 fan passport

Each spectator of the matches of the world championship will have to issue a passport of the 2018 World Cup fan (Fan-ID). This document will need both Russian citizens and foreigners. The personalized map is designed to identify each visitor to the stadiums so that the organizers can minimize the risk of unrest among football fans and prevent terrorist attacks. In this case, the presence of a Fan-ID will give its owner a number of benefits. What will be the benefits, how to get and where to get a fan ID? Let us analyze in detail each of these questions!


What is a passport for?

The European Football Championship 2016 was remembered not only by the bright matches, but also by the clashes of fans from different countries, which sometimes turned into real street battles! First of all, the violent skirmishes of Russian fans with the English ultras are memorable. To stop such incidents, the organizers of the championship of the planet took a number of special measures. The 2018 World Cup fan card, for which the applicant must provide their detailed personal data, should be one of the barriers for football hooligans.At the initial stage, it will reveal undesirable subjects. According to the organizers, this innovation should increase the security of the world championship.

Another threat that the “fan passport” is intended to stop is terrorism. The notorious events in Paris and Berlin are still fresh in the memory. Therefore, the special services are vitally interested in the appearance of a document that would become an additional barrier for extremists.

Fan ID is not know-how. For the first time in domestic realities, it was tested during the Sochi Olympics. Apparently, the experience turned out to be so successful that the organizers of the Confederation Cup and World Cup organizers adopted a personalized map.

World Cup 2018 fan passport

How to get a passport fan of the 2018 World Cup

First of all, the applicant must buy a ticket for any match of the 2018 world championship. Only after that he can apply for a Fan-ID. To become the owner of this document, the fan must either contact the center for the issuance of such passports, or contact the help of a special website where he can issue it online.

Specialized offices will open in 11 cities participating in the World Cup. Here is a list of them:

  • Moscow;
  • Kaliningrad;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Volgograd;
  • Kazan;
  • Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Samara;
  • Saransk;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Sochi;
  • Ekaterinburg.

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, fan registration cards were opened in December 2016. In February, they can get Fan-ID tickets for Confederations Cup matches. However, World Cup fans must issue passports separately. The timing of issuance of documents for viewers of the World Cup is still unknown.

And you can also get a certificate of a fan of the World Cup 2018 on the official To do this, go to the resource and fill out a form in which you must specify:

  1. ticket order number;
  2. citizenship and passport data;
  4. date of birth;
  5. photo with the image of a person in full face;
  6. email address and phone number.

Exactly the same requirements are practiced in the centers for issuing fan cards in the participating cities of the world championship.

Fan Passport World Cup 2018. How to get

Online registration is especially beneficial for foreigners. After all, for this they do not need to specifically come to one of the 11 cities where football matches of the world championship will be held. Foreign citizens will only need to fill out a form and wait for the approval of the application.After all the formal procedures, Fan-ID will be sent to them by mail. By the way, the presence of such a document will allow a foreigner to enter Russia without a visa, as well as take advantage of preferential and even free transportation. This innovation should not only improve the safety of spectators of the World Cup, but also simplify the movement of all fans of the world championship as much as possible!


The unprecedented rampant terrorism and football ultras forced the organizers of sporting events to take a different look at the old security criteria. The answer to the new challenges was a personal Fan-ID. Such certificates proved well during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Therefore, there is no doubt that this know-how will have a beneficial effect on the security level of the World Cup!

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