Wishes for First Day of Winter

Good day! The first day of the long-awaited winter!
And that means everything ahead - and fun sledding from the mountains, and fluffy snow flakes fluttering in a waltz, tempting teasing crystal icicles, measuring creaking of snow under your feet and biting frost on your cheeks, generous Santa Claus and sparkling Christmas tree, snow fortresses, the noise of playing in the snows of the kids, someone's footprints in the snow, the mirror of a frozen river, in a word, hello, Winter!
In the meantime, according to the calendar, the first day of winter, so it's time to congratulate everyone on the arrival of the snow-white beauty, to present congratulations, postcards and a good mood!
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Beautiful postcards Happy Winter Day

Congratulations on the first day of winter in verse

What is winter? A matter of taste,
How to answer this question:
Mild snow and frost bites;
Sledge with grandfather (he is also Frost);
New Year, Christmas and Epiphany;
Valentine's Day and the holiday of men ...
And I want to ask without embarrassment:
Are there few reasons for joy?
But all the remark should be inserted:
In fact, what the hell is -
To congratulate you on the first winter day,
I don't need a reason at all!

There will be slides and skating rinks,
Trails of different types
And the trays will open
Trade on a holiday!
Happy first day
Winter fun!
Soon foil rain
We decorate ate!

Falling asleep leaves gilding,
Noticing the streets, houses,
She took to work hard
Rightly Zimushka - Winter!
Flying snowflake congratulations
With a beautiful, first day of winter!
Today - superstune
We all wish from the heart!

Congratulations on the arrival of winter.
Again you can lick the icicle,
Immerse in the excitement of commotion,
Santa Claus desire to whisper.
The evening salute will break out again,
Again the white magic of the snow,
And the rink will certainly flood,
To conquer the ice with a run.

Congratulations on your winter!
With this snowy year!
When with sincere purity
In a white dress sings nature!
May winter bring you happiness!
And hide from grief with snow!
Let there be bad weather on the street -
And the soul shines the sun with rays!

Congratulations on Winter

I wish you on the first day of winter
Warm favorite to warm
And, in life miracles meeting,
Great success to expect.

Winter is a special time
After all, snow hides everything around!
Doors open for joy
Let life not be blizzard!

Winter, of course, time for an amateur,
But all her nature sends!
But it would be so - winter is only for connoisseurs,
And the rest of nature leaves summer ...

But wait tales, alas, we do not have to
Frost is getting stronger, get your fur coats!
Winter sometimes we have five months,
You'd rather get used to the cold!

I congratulate you on winter,
It is a wonderful time -
Frost has long been getting stronger,
Snow pours from night to morning.

And that means skates and skis,
And the holidays, of course, are waiting -
It's time to mark them closer!
Let the sorrows go away!

It is a picturesque time -
People have red noses!
And outside the window frost unthinkable, -
Wear a pair of underpants!

Winter has come - she is in a hurry
With a snowstorm and snow carries!
Let the mood not spoil,
After all, waiting for the winter New Year!

Congratulations on the first day of winter
This time is the most beautiful!
May winter promise you happiness
All efforts will not be in vain!

Let wishes be fulfilled in winter
This time is fabulously wonderful!
Let everything be easy for you
It's time to come to us interesting!

Beautiful verse With the First Day of Winter beloved girlfriend

Winter on the threshold, love
I will always warm you
Kohl blizzard unbearable,
Snow Cities, -

Do not be afraid of frost and cold, -
Love is not afraid, believe me!
We will arrange the autumn farewell,
Winter is the queen now!

Cool poem With Winter best friend

I congratulate you with the onset of winter,
My friend, from the heart I want to wish -
Let inspiration winter fills,
And let him help you not to be bored!

Winter is a bright good time
Snowflakes magic and happiness is time.
In winter, the new year the doors open!
Let there be a warm atmosphere in your family!

Wishing your best friend Happy Winter Day

Winter is coming to us! I wish,
So that you were happy,
To live, worries without knowing -
After all, for the winter came,

To give us inspiration,
To fulfill all the dreams!
I wish you joy, luck
And impeccable beauty!

Congratulations on the first day of winter beloved mother

Mommy, winter is coming,
Let you in all luck
Autumn let sadness lead,
And with winter success will come!

Let the weather does not scare -
If the blizzard is outside the window, -
That winter love gets in the way
With peace, happiness and good!

Comic poem on the first day of winter for the beloved

My dear, today I congratulate
You I with the onset of winter!
And I want to warm up more warmly -
After all, the flu and we do not need a cold!

Let's drink wine and smile,
And by the fireplace represent yourself.
And from love of mutual warming,
We will be hot from her fire!

Comic poem on the First Day of Winter for the beloved

Beloved, winter is coming to us,
Let the luck in the affairs of waiting.
We are better together, and not apart -
You do not freeze,

Look warmer dress
In winter, do not chase fashion!
And if it will freeze -
I will come to warm you!

Congratulations On the Beginning of Winter in Verses

Let the first day of winter
Good luck will bring
With joy let the heart
Like a bird sings.

The snow is cheerful, bright,
It will give you peace
And a clear, ringing laugh,
Let let the river flow.

Let it be perky,
And easy life thread,
Enjoy success
And troubles forget everything.

The ball is over, wearily dropping the dress,
That in the autumn of gold weaving,
Nature in the silence of winter hugs
Under the shawl snow bliss found.

White blizzards do not yet howl
And the ice on the rivers does not ring crystal,
The trees did not have time to fold,
And the snow in the air is already a veil.

And on the first day of the cold reign
So you want to wish today,
On a white canvas by the hand of inspiration
Destiny picture of happiness to write!

From the first day of winter today
I want to congratulate you
Mood let winter
It will be just the highest class
We will ride from the hills,
Waiting for us and the skating rink
And nobody this winter
Let not be alone!

That entered into their rights
Snow beauty.
Today is the first day of winter,
Let the weather like it.

Let the cold not scare,
Blizzard will not notice you,
Zimushka let a lot of happiness
Like snow will bring.

The snow flies quietly in the air,
All tracks, all the glades sweeps,
The river hid under a thick layer of ice
Came to us - beautiful winter!

Poems Happy First Winter Day

Yesterday we saw off autumn
And now winter has come,
Congratulations on the first day
It's time for fun!

There will be snow, there will be happiness, frost,
Skating will be possible to drive,
And prepare for the New Year,
Congratulate all your loved ones.

On this day, I will wish you,
So that dreams come to life in winter,
So that winter gave luck
That all days were happy!

Prepare gloves and skates,
And get a sleigh from the balcony,
Winter has come, winter has come,
Come on, get out of the house!

Let's walk and celebrate
And build new hopes,
Let's start dreaming again,
Wear warm clothes!

Let the winter bring joy,
And bring you good,
Let the winter bring happiness,
And let everything be fine!

Oh, this very first day of winter,
As a miracle, we expect it
And many plans at once, and hopes,
What will be better in life than before.

And the thoughts as the first snow are pure,
In a notebook - sheets are not written.
We create dream and create,
And the heart wants to believe and love ...

White snow will shine on the eyelashes
Let the first winter day,
Happiness in your heart will knock,
Together with him - my congratulations!

Let unexpectedly great joy
In life, like a blizzard, will arrive.
You forget about worries forever
You will be friends with a smile!

Meet the winter guys, rather
White tale that came to us!
Joy for adults and for children:
Snow, New Year, she brought all!

And at the same time mandarin flavor,
The light of the lights that are burning on the tree -
There are now a hundred reasons
To find happiness in winter charge!

I wish all and all I have a fun winter
So that, in spite of her cold,
You were not going to lose heart,
Positive let you always warm!

Short congratulations on Winter's Day

You and I have been waiting for her for a long time,
Having prepared sleds, fur coats and pima,
Autumn has finally said goodbye to us!
Congratulations on the first bright day of winter!

Today is the first day of winter,
So we waited for him.
We have nothing to do at home
On skis all gone long ago.

Ride downhill, sculpt snow,
There are still so many winter affairs
Today, everything does not reach
But the winter plan is already ripe.

Went on the road autumn,
And winter is following her with a scarf
White waved. Highly
Soon the snow, and the yard is all in it.

On the first winter day timid
Spin December blizzard,
Expect Chimes battle
We will, dressing spruce.

Meet today the first day of winter
Get ka fur coat, sled, ski.
Not visible outside the window foliage,
Icicles covered roofs.

Come with you to play snowballs
From a high hill fly through the snow,
On a snowboard jumping from a height,
Love the winter coolness of bliss!

December is not always the first day
Shrouds us with snow.
Do not let a migraine bother you
A loving husband is sitting nearby.

But suddenly and blizzard and frost?
Keep warm for you by the fireplace.
Let tv broadcasts forecast:
With warmth to be St. Valentina. ”

Congratulations On Winter in prose

Let the first day of winter become a clean sheet of a new fabulous life, in which there will be happiness, love, joy, and bright hope. Let this time give you real winter magic, fulfill your cherished dreams and send sincere feelings.

Greetings on the first day of winter! May this time of year give you a real winter holiday of life, merry and unforgettable adventures, joyful and happy events, an incredible and good mood, bright and high hopes, real and true happiness.

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