Why does the abdomen hurt?

Pain in the abdomen is a very common complaint. This sickness is experienced by patients of different ages, from infants to pensioners. Pain in the abdomen can be different: blunt and sharp, aching, burning and shooting. You can not treat this disease lightly. Determine why the stomach hurts, you can, based on the place of pain and their character.

The stomach hurts: we define or determine a place and character of a pain

In order to start treatment and make it as effective as possible, you need to properly examine yourself.

  • Lie on your back, in this position the walls of the abdominal cavity arrive in a relaxed position.
  • Now you need to palpate, makepressing a few fingers on the stomach. Do this carefully, without sudden movements. Determine the place where the pressure causes the most pain.
  • Making light pressure in this place,try to understand the nature of the pain: blunt, aching, sharp, cutting (as if striking with a sharp object), bursting (as if a ball is inflated inside).

The disease can be accompanied by symptoms: fever, nausea and diarrhea.

Whether it gives pain somewhere, it increases with coughing or walking and slopes - all these are important factors for the correct diagnosis.

Well, if you remember exactly how pain appeared: after eating, exercise or suddenly. This information can be very useful for the doctor when setting the diagnosis.

Lower abdominal pain

To determine why the abdominal pain hurts, side symptoms will help.

  • The cause may be an infection of the small pelvis, while the body temperature rises, chills appear.
  • If the concomitant symptoms are nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting, then you can talk about diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • If, together with complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, the patient has fainted or shocked, most likely this is a consequence of intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
  • Constant aching pains indicate inflammation of the internal organs due to hypothermia and colds.

Do not try to determine on your own why the stomach hurts, do not suffer, do not self-medicate, and if possible, consult a doctor.

Abdominal pain in girls

To say unequivocally why a girl has a stomach ache,without examination it is impossible. The cause can be as banal monthly, and infections of the genital tract, as well as gynecological diseases. In this case, it is better not to hesitate and go to the hospital. Almost all women complain of abdominal pain during pregnancy. Scientists associate this with the growth of the fetus and sprain.

Why does the baby have a stomach ache?

If the child has a stomachache, do not go too far.worry. This can be caused by rapid ingestion of food and air, bad chewing, temporary indigestion of food. Sometimes such diseases occur in connection with emotions and emotional stress.

Nausea and vomiting should alert parents, as they are the first signs of acute poisoning. Do not neglect the opportunity to get a doctor's advice if this is available.

Abdominal pain hurts

To recognize why the stomach hurts on the left, it is necessary to know the organs located in this part of the abdomen.

  • This is the spleen, stomach, left part of the diaphragm,part of the pancreas and part of the intestine. It must be said that the pain in the left side of the abdomen is less common than in the right. The spleen begins to ache due to the increase in its size, this is due to various diseases. Sometimes the spleen capsule increases so much that a rupture occurs. A sign of this is blue on the left side of the abdomen.
  • Often the pain in the upper left part does not indicate any specific diseases and is a consequence of simple accumulation of gases.
  • If the cause of the indisposition is the stomach, the nature of the pain is often aching, not abrupt. You should contact the hospital and check for gastritis.
  • The pancreas is very importantbody for the full functioning of the body. It is located far enough behind the spleen, the pain is sharp and deep. If you have previously experienced pancreatic disease, be careful, follow the prescribed diet.

Why does my stomach hurt?

When the stomach hurts on the right, determine in which part you will experience discomfort.

  • Pain in the right hypochondrium, accompanied bya feeling of bitterness in the mouth and giving in the lower back, in the right shoulder or shoulder blade, indicate a cholecystitis. This occurs, as a rule, after the abuse of fatty and spicy food. Any spasmolytic drugs will come to the rescue.
  • On the right abdomen is also appendicitis. Call an ambulance if at first the pain appeared on the right in the epigastric region and gradually descended, the gain occurs when walking and trying to lie on the left side. A rise in body temperature and nausea may occur. Remember that this disease is very dangerous, procrastination can cost a person's life.

Why does the stomach ache after eating?

Very many complain of pain in the stomach after eating. It must be said that food is the most common cause of abdominal discomfort.

  • Pressing pains indicate irritation of the esophagus, which can be caused by over-salted, too cold or hot food.
  • Many people suffer from individual intolerance to certain foods: milk, butter, fats. The use of these products will immediately cause them at least pain and bloating.
  • Regular pain that occurs within an hour aftereating and constantly increasing, indicate the development of peptic ulcer. After a few hours, painful sensations tend to pass without any treatment measures.
  • Hungry pains in the abdomen appear 5-6 hours after the last meal. In order not to aggravate the situation, drink a glass of milk before eating.

Remember that abdominal pain can be likeharmless, and a symptom of a serious illness. Do not neglect your health. If you are seriously disturbed by pain, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Often listen to your body, do not ignore the signals that it sends you.

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