Why do the blood vessels burst?

Red eyes are not an effect in artPhoto. This is an unpleasant sight for the people around you and for yourself. If at you just such situation, it is necessary to understand that why vessels burst.

Causes of Buried Vessels

Since the blood vessels are very thin, in view ofdifferent adverse circumstances, they suffer in the first place. And this happens in a variety of places on the human body, from the decollete to the invisible intimate place. It is only necessary to increase the physical load, and a weak vessel bursts, turning into a hematoma. What is the real reason for this phenomenon, why do blood vessels burst?

Having addressed to the doctor-phlebologist, the expert onvessels, you will learn that the cause can be covered at all and not in the vessels. Because of a violation in the thyroid gland often there are failures in the body, and the vessels can burst because of the tachycardia that has arisen against these problems. Therefore, it is not out of place to check the thyroid gland of an endocrinologist.

Red eyes

Redness of the eyes and a burning sensation is explainedthe fact that the vessel burst. Why do blood vessels explode in the eyes? The cause may be banal fatigue and eye strain due to working at a computer or under a bright lamp of unnatural light. Also, a strong provoker of the capillary rupture in the eye is nicotine and insomnia.

Pay attention to the air conditioner. He, too, adversely affects the eyes of man. Check if your eyes are red in the room without an air conditioner.

If you are a lover of saunas and bathhouses, often and for a long timesoar, and after these procedures noticed eye hemorrhage, at the time, give up this exercise. Track, under what circumstances you have red eyes. Maybe after visiting a fitness club, jogging, or riding a bicycle?

Measure blood pressure, check bloodon prothrombin and glucose content. Maybe the capillaries are destroyed because of the fragile walls of the vessels. But if all the indications are normal, and the blood vessels in the eyes burst, go to the ophthalmologist. He will see the cause and prescribe the treatment. Most often, a capillary rupture is associated with a violation of intraocular pressure or with an infectious disease.

Bruises on the hands

With sympathy, treat a woman who hasyou see bruises on your hands. Not always the cause of bruising on the hands is a bruise or someone's stroke. Then why are the blood vessels bursting, because this is a fairly common phenomenon?

The fact that the blood vessels burst on their hands indicatesvascular network. It passes under the skin and represents dilated vessels in the form of asterisks or spots of different sizes. These blemishes are hematomas and there are bursting vessels.

This can happen for various reasons:

  • Hormonal failures (pregnancy, menopause, cyst).
  • Injuries, frostbite, chemical effects.
  • Fragile vessels and violation of the permeability of the walls.
  • Visiting solarium, peeling.
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia, arterial hypertension, strokes and heart attacks in the anamnesis, the initial stages of varicose veins.
  • Stress, obesity, allergies.

Take it seriously to the bursting vessels. Be sure to find out the reason for this phenomenon, so as not to miss a microstroke, dumb heart attack and varicose veins. Do not allow the development of the problem to a radical method - surgical intervention!

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