Who will receive the "Golden Ball" in 2017? Discuss?

Who will receive the "Golden Ball" in 2017?This issue does not lose relevance throughout the year. Eternal disputes about who is the best football player of the year, never get bored of fans of football. Arguments, disputes and scandals did not abate even in the summer, when footballers are spending their holidays cheerfully before the upcoming championship of their leagues. Now it's only the beginning of the season, but the polemic does not subside.

Very soon we will know who will receive the "Golden Ball"in 2017, the ceremony will be held on January 9, 2018 in Zurich (Switzerland). Nevertheless, disputes will continue to live in the hearts of fans and fans, regardless of the outcome. Immediately there will be "savvy" commentators, who will express their dissatisfaction with this decision. They will start to invent and manipulate the facts, bend their line and continue to defend their favorite football player. It was always, and will live until the popularity and relevance of football will not go to the background. Perhaps this is the "juice" of this sport, probably, so it should be.

Who will receive the golden ball in 2017

The ten-year dispute

As you know, the "Golden Ball" in 2016 receivedPortuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who was previously honored with this honor. He is a four-time winner of the "Golden Ball". Especially want to emphasize his last victory ("Golden Ball" in 2016) - Ronaldo at the head of his team became the champion of Europe, defeating the French national team in the final (by the way, the European championship was held in 2016 in France). In the same year, the Portuguese won the UEFA Champions League Cup with Madrid "Real". The main and only competitor Cristiano Ronaldo was Argentinian Lionel Messi, who plays in the Catalan "Barcelona". He was the owner of the Golden Ball five times.

golden ball 2016

For ten years now he has lived foreverdispute: who is better - Ronaldo or Messi? Indeed, it is between these players that the Golden Ball award is shared from 2008 to the present. If you take into account the number of such awards, then, of course, the best is Lionel, because he leads with a score of 5-4. However, the majority here agree that the level of their rivalry is higher than the "Golden Ball". Let's just say that this award will no longer resolve this age-old dispute.

Applicants for the "Golden Ball" in 2017

As already mentioned above, for alreadyalmost ten years the real contenders for the "Golden Ball" are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Yes, of course, these players are now excelling in world football, but do not forget about other players who are not just on the list of candidates for the "Golden Ball". In this list appear such players as Ronaldo, Messi and Neimar (Neimar da Silva Santos Junior). In the spring of the same year, players such as Antoine Grizmann, Kilian Mbappa and Gianluigi Buffon entered the contenders, but soon they were quickly dismissed.

applicants for the golden ball of 2017

Quotes of bookmakers

Concerning the question, who from the current top three leadersdeserves the "Golden Ball", we can assume that Cristiano Ronaldo, because quotes bookmakers on this and hint. The coefficient for his victory is "1.01", that is, if you win, your bet will increase by only 1 percent. Thus, we can safely say that the Portuguese will take his fifth "Golden Ball" and equal in achievements with Messi. By the way, the Argentine's victory is given by the coefficient "15", and on the Brazilian Neimar in general "30". Based on such quotations, we can assume who will receive the "Golden Ball" in 2017. All the trumps in the sleeves of the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Many will say that bookmakers can not be trusted and that in general one should never look at odds. And maybe it's true, but not in this case. It seems that everything is obvious here.

football player of the year 2017 gold ball

What is the "Golden Ball" for? How does a player score?

Every year, FIFA hands the trophy to the bestThe player of the year, who throughout the season showed the best result. This award was called "Golden Ball", and it became a kind of recognition of the merits of a certain player. The official presentation ceremony, again, will be held on January 9, 2018 in Zurich. The winner is determined by voting among the following contingent:

  • The players who are the captains of their national football teams.
  • Sports experts and journalists.
  • Trainers.

"Golden Ball": Footballer of 2017

Who will it be? Ronaldo or Messi?Let's stop arguing about who will receive the "Golden Ball" in 2017, and just think about what merit this award will get Cristiano Ronaldo. The season in the Spanish championship was very successful - the Portuguese celebrated 35 goals and issued 11 assists. This figure exceeds the statistics of Lionel Messi. The Argentine player has 26 goals.

In European championships, Ronaldo is also morestood out, he is the best scorer of the UEFA Champions League 2016/2017. At the international level, he also achieved more. In 2016, the football player caught up with Michel Platini's performance in the number of goals scored in the European championships in the final stages (9 goals). The victory will be truly deserved, let's just congratulate Krisha.

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