Where and how are Vistosi products made?

lamps are unique appliances that not only fill the room with light, but also become part of the interior. Such devices are unique, inimitable and impressive. Where is the mass of lighting equipment, not similar to each other, developed by talented designers and other professionals? In the Vistosi company catalog. If you value human labor and want to buy a really high-quality luminaire, then make a choice in favor of the products of this brand.

There are reasons for this:

  • dissimilarity with competitors' products;
  • original idea;
  • quality performance;
  • safe materials;
  • unlimited service life.

The production of Vistozi lighting engineering is a well-coordinated, well-organized process. To make sure of what has been said, read on.

Holy of holies and main office

The central administrative building of the company that manufactures the Vistosi lamps is located not far from the Venice Lagoon. The terrain suggests that the creators of branded lighting fixtures are people who value elegance and beauty.The main office employs designers, designers and all those who are full of ideas. They also sign contracts, conclude deals and exchange experience. Finished products do not stay long in stock, although it is striking in size. In an area of ​​4 thousand square meters. m not only store products, but also carry a lot of other processes. The warehouse is divided into 6 large sections intended for:

  1. Acceptance of raw materials, assessing the quality of metal elements and glass.
  2. Storage of materials compliant with ISO 9001.
  3. Packaging of finished products.
  4. Perform electrical wiring.
  5. Storage products.
  6. Shipment of goods.

Vistosi luminaires and the individual parts from which they are produced meet generally accepted safety standards. The packaging team is also guided by world-wide requirements. Before using the box repeatedly tested for strength. Vistosi employees pay great attention to the packaging process. Why? That the customer received the whole device. Particularly fragile positions are tested immediately prior to shipment.

All products are sent for inspection to independent laboratories in order to confirm the quality with certificates.

The wiring department develops technical details, namely:

  • LED elements;
  • electric discharge and fluorescent lamps;
  • components required for the implementation of special orders.

Electrical modifications are also made in this storage compartment. After receipt of a commodity position in the storage area, identification is performed, that is, the unit is assigned a model name, a unique graphic value and a barcode.

Where create the foundation and make the products perfect

Vistozi boasts its own machine shop. The development of fixtures from A to Z are only staff professionals. In the workshop they skillfully create metal frames of the desired shape and size. The presence of this room plays into the hands of the company, making it the winner among competitors. This asset allows you to implement the most extraordinary ideas, to carry out individual orders. The room is equipped with innovative software that can be easily reconfigured in a few minutes.

Not to mention the glass factory. Yes, Vistosi is also engaged in the manufacture of the base material. Blown glass has unique properties:

  • increased resistance to external influences;
  • bright shine.

Masters easily realize the most daring ideas of designers, pouring out exclusive glass textures and the finest lines. At this stage, the manufacturing process does not end. The perfect skill of blowing, of course, is owned by employees of the company, but their fruits of effort are also checked and corrected. This responsible business deals with those who work in the grinding section. Experts do the following:

  • drilling;
  • polishing;
  • water jet cutting and more.

Upon completion of the correction work and assembly, the lamps go to the storage or shipment department. Products Vistosi is perfect, it will cause positive emotions after its first assessment and operation.

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