When plant carrots in the winter. Varieties of carrots for podzimny sowing.

Autumn planting of root crops is used by many summer residents and private sector owners. This is a good opportunity to provide the family with early vegetables, and to have more time in spring to prepare the site for the season.

The technology of planting this root post. Getting a good spring harvest is determined primarily by:

  • selection of varieties;
  • correctly selected terms of autumn planting;
  • soil selection and preparation.

Planting carrots for the winter will provide the gardener with an early harvest, but it must be borne in mind that this crop is not suitable for winter storage due to its low keeping quality. Therefore, for storage it is necessary to make planting carrots with good qualities for storage.

Varieties of carrots for planting in the winter

For autumn plantings recommended varieties of carrots, which have a high resistance to winter cold. This characteristic is ensured by the presence of a large number of essentialoils, which when spring planting gardeners are removed from the seeds, using stratification and repeated treatment with water. Based on this, you should make a choice of which varieties of carrots are best planted before winter.

Autumn sowing carrots are intended only for spring consumption. Therefore, what kind of carrots to plant under the winter, you need to choose a variety with suitable taste.

For the under-winter variety, the choice of seeds is determined by their resistance to cold, the rapid development of early ripeness after germination. Carrot varieties of medium ripeness and early ripening are well suited for underwinter sowing:

  • Nantes 4;
  • Shantane;
  • Moscow winter;
  • Tushon;
  • Vitamin 6;
  • The incomparable;
  • Losinoostrovskaya 13;
  • Incomparable.
Nantes Tushon Vitamin

For a rich spring harvest, a selection of cold-resistant seeds is good:

  • Minicore;
  • Nantes.

How to plant a carrot in the fall.

It is preferable to choose a place for the sub-winter landing where the snow melts first. This means that in the spring the planting will receive high humidity after the snow melts and is warm for swelling and germination of the seeds.

It is necessary to avoid the location of the beds in a place that has a slope; in such a place the seeds can be washed out of the soil by spring water flows.Smooth, draft-free area guarantee a high yield of carrots.

Autumn preparation of the beds should provide all the conditions for wintering, spring germination, development and early ripening of the root. To do this, the land in the garden should be:

  • loose;
  • fertile;
  • easy

Super sandy and loose soils rich in organic matter are most suitable for podzimnyh plantings. Soils on floodplain and cultivated marsh sites have similar properties. On such soils, the highest yield of root crops is observed.

Seeds are sown in frozen ground without prior treatment. A bed for a winter landing is dug in advance, draws grooves and wait until they are caught by a frost. Then pour the seeds in granules according to the scheme, or mixed with sand and sprinkled with dry soil from the greenhouse, or the finished soil mixture.

When to plant carrots before winter

The timing of planting carrots for the winter is determined primarily by the climatic conditions of the region. Early autumn in most regions of Russia is rich in surprises in the form of thaws and snowfall, so sowing seeds in early autumn (October) is risky due to the detrimental conditions of seeds germinated in the thaw.

The most suitable time for winter planting of vegetables and herbs is considered the period when the grooves in the garden begin to freeze. This is the end of October - the middle of November.

Sow carrots in the winter in the Urals can be on the November holidays or earlier, guided by the condition of the soil.

In central Russia and the Moscow region, sowing carrots is possible in the second half of November.

When planting carrots for the winter in 2016 according to the lunar calendar:

  • October 19, 20, 24.

No one can give an exact answer, as due to global changes in weather, storms, winds, flood fires, for each region these periods will be individual. But the November days remain the main dates with a shift to the later dates of this month.

The importance of determining the timing of the sub-winter planting of seeds is great. It is necessary to avoid swelling and germination of seeds in the fall, as the result will be their death in the cold. Late terms provide hibernation of seeds before the onset of the first spring heat. But at the same time they increase the seed rate by up to 25%. Planting depth is about 4 cm.

Carrots under the winter in the suburbs, summer residents are planted according to general principles: in the cold, dry November days, before the onset of constant frosts. Many are guided by the lunar calendar gardener.

Only knowledge of local climatic conditions makes it possible to sow carrots correctly in the winter in the Urals, the Caucasus, and central Russia.

Can I plant carrots before winter

The experience of many gardeners suggests that sowing carrots for the winter allows you to get an early harvest of bright, juicy root crops rich in vitamins, having preventive properties from cardiovascular diseases, stroke, a positive effect on the organs of vision

The harvest, as a rule, exceeds all expectations, but for this, crops in the winter need extra care:

  • Ensuring a good shelter beds with snow, which are additionally covered with snow swept from the tracks;
  • Squeeze the snow cover over the spruce plants.
  • Before the onset of spring heat, the lap branches of the carrots should be removed from the plantings and sprinkled with the surface of the beds with ashes to accelerate the melting of snow.
  • Very thick shoots should be thinned.

And now warm up! Look and name in the comments, carrot varieties, pictured below.

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