What to see in the south of Russia?

Krasnodar Territory in terms of tourismis one of the most attractive subjects of Russia. The reason for this is favorable geographic position, mild warm climate, uniqueness of natural places and, finally, the presence of the sea. The capital of the region is Krasnodar, the sights of which are very diverse.

The city was founded in 1793 on the right bankthe Kuban River as a Cossack fortress, guarding the border areas. Modern Krasnodar is the most important for the individual subject, and for the whole of Russia, the center of the agricultural area. It can not be said that Krasnodar enjoys great popularity among tourists. The championship in this area belongs, of course, to the main resort of the Kuban and the country as a whole - the Black Sea city of Sochi.

However, there is something to see in Krasnodara curious traveler. The city is rich in greenery. Many plantings of its parks, flower gardens and squares do not take off their usual colorful appearance even in the winter season.

For its nearly three hundred years of history, Krasnodarhas accumulated a lot of historical and architectural monuments: a monument to Catherine II, a regional drama theater, a Cossack monument, a theater of operetta, a memorial to the Red Army soldiers.

Main Attractions of Krasnodarthe region as a whole can be divided into three categories: architectural, historical and natural. More than five million people come to see them every year from different regions of the country. Most of the interesting places are, as a rule, at a small distance from the sea coast.

Architectural sights of the Krasnodar Territory

One of the most notable monuments of the architecture of the Kuban are the following: the ensemble of the Ekaterinodar fortress located in Krasnodar, the Sochi Maritime Station, the Winter Theater.

Ekaterinodar fortress is interesting historyof its origin. It was with her that the construction of the city of Krasnodar began. The first buildings of the fortress were not very strong and were built from the material that only came under the hands of enterprising Cossacks. At the beginning of the 19th century, the total population of Ekaterinodar (the old name of Krasnodar) was about five thousand people. Over time, the fortress lost its original appearance. To date, it has left a small part of dilapidated buildings.

Marine station is a kind of visitingcard of Sochi. The construction of this interesting architectural structure began during the years of Soviet power. Today the Maritime Station is a monument of federal significance. A special color is given to the building by the evening sun, which colors it in a bright orange color. Admire a wonderful architectural ensemble allows walks on the boat departing from the pier of Sochi.

The Winter Theater, erected in the mid-30'sThe 20th century, designed by KN Chernopyatov, impresses the imagination with its greatness. The building is surrounded by 88 columns, creating a Corinthian architectural composition. Today the theater accommodates up to 900 spectators. On its stage were such celebrities as A. Raikin, K. Shulzhenko, E. Gogoleva.

Historical Sights of Krasnodar Region

The history of the Kuban is inextricably linked with lifeCossacks. It was they who populated these territories before they entered the Russian Empire. Therefore, many monuments of the Krasnodar Territory are associated with the history of the Cossacks (a monument to the Kuban Cossacks, the Cossacks).

The most important historical sight of the southRussia is considered to be located on the territory of modern Anapa, the ancient city of Gorgippia. The erection of its buildings dates back to the 4th century BC. In the same places, off the coast of the Black Sea, in the middle of the 13th century, the Portuguese built the fortress Mapa, which was later captured by Turkish troops. Today you can see only the remains of this structure.

Natural Sights of Krasnodar Region

In the south of Russia, as you know, the two mainmiraculous sights: the mountains and the sea. Part of the Krasnodar Territory lies between the ridges of the Greater Caucasus. The highest point of the Kuban is the Tsakhvoa mountain, reaching a height of 3345 meters.

The special, the most attentionthe Krasnaya Polyana settlement is considered a natural landmark of the Krasnodar Territory. Today it is a prestigious ski resort and a unique place for winter holidays in the mountains. By the way, in the summer there is also an inexhaustible flow of tourists who want to climb high into the mountains on one of the two available cable cars. In order to enjoy the surrounding landscape, you can not be an alpinist, the views from the high-mountain peaks are amazing. Rise and descend on the lift by cable car is very comfortable due to its most modern technical equipment.

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