What to give to your best friend?

That men do not talk about female friendship, shestill exists. Therefore, often there is a pre-holiday thought about what gift to give to your best friend. Choosing a gift for a friend for every holiday is a crucial moment, but at the same time it is quite simple:

  1. Often the girls in advance talk about what they would like to get for the holiday.
  2. If your girlfriend has not decided on the gift, then you can pick it up, because the thoughts of women, and even more friends, converge.
  3. When choosing a gift for your girlfriend, you will have the opportunity to translate any creative ideas into reality.
  4. Each girl knows all the cherished desires of her best friend - that's the key to a successful and joyful gift.
  5. Of course, the range of gifts for girls is much wider than for men, so there will be no problems with the choice.


When choosing a gift, remember the hobbygirlfriends. We need to weigh all of her hobbies, because it will help to make a right and useful gift that will bring many positive emotions, and also come in handy in the future.


It is worth to respect the preferences and tastes of his girlfriend,Do not impose your worldview. Present exactly what she would like, not you, because you think that such a gift would be better. Do not think about it, the main thing is to make it nice to a close person, because you want to please her.

Gift Packaging

Gift wrapping must also matchtheme of the holiday and give a cheerful mood. Decorate the packaging with something invented by you, because such a presentation of the gift will immediately show your concern for the person.


Very pleasant is the idea of ​​what to givethe best friend, - to present a holiday card in which wishes are written by hand and from your heart. In the postcard you can add different general photos, make a selection of postcards with funny phrases and wishes, or you can write out funny events in the postcard that happened to you two. Here the flight of fantasy has no limitations. The postcard will leave pleasant memories and a smile.

New Year Gift Ideas

What gift to think up for the New Year? There can be a great variety of gift ideas. Below we will consider some of them.

  • Bake delicious ginger cookies - non-standard and delicious. From them you can make a garland or present in various bright boxes.
  • If you decide to meet this holiday at home, then make many small postcards around the room, and let your friend read all the wishes that you wrote for her.
  • A very nice New Year's gift is a subscription to a visit to the beauty salon, to buy clothes of a brand that she likes.
  • You can also pay for a photo session, where she can dissolve in the atmosphere of any image.
  • If the best friend is fond of cinema, then you can make a gift original selection of films.

Gift to March 8

What to give to your best friend on March 8? Here you can again give your imagination a clear out:

  • certificate in the shop of underwear;
  • ordering sushi home;
  • Beautiful covers for documents or photo frames;
  • beautiful accessories for gadgets;
  • tickets for an interesting performance in the theater;
  • subscription to the magazine;
  • office to emphasize her style.

On such a holiday as your birthday, you will have a lot of ideas for a gift to your best friend. No girl can refuse such pleasant things:

  • a set of bright and stylish neck scarves;
  • beautiful bed linen made of silk;
  • e-book, if she is very fond of reading;
  • handmade vases;
  • a set of pleasant essential oils;
  • the original beautiful umbrella;
  • an interesting collection of fascinating encyclopedias.

Wedding gift

There is also the problem of what can be donepresent the best friend for the wedding. Many give to such a solemn event household appliances, money. In a word, this is exactly what is useful in family life. Do not make banal gifts, surprise your best friend. Here it is worth thinking about the groom, so you can give different certificates for two (jump from a parachute, dance lessons), tickets for a fascinating show, subscription to a sports club. Here the range of choice of the original idea is simply inexhaustible.

For every holiday you can come up with an originalidea of ​​a gift that will surprise your girlfriend and bring her a smile. Do not be afraid to give something wrong, the main thing is to be sincere and positive!

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