What is bulky waste?

Bulky trash. Problems of removal and disposal

To bulky waste (KGM) include construction, household and industrial waste of large sizes:

  • furniture;
  • household appliances;
  • sanitary equipment;
  • unsuitable construction materials;
  • sawed trees;
  • other waste generated as a result of repair, disassembly of buildings and structures, construction or working process in production.

Throwing KGM in household garbage cans is prohibited. It is subject to compulsory transportation to a landfill or waste recycling plant, followed by recycling or disposal. Our company will help organize the removal of KGM and dispose of it in accordance with all the rules and regulations of current legislation.

Collection of dimensional waste is carried out in special containers with a volume of 8 to 26 m3marked "KGM", which are installed on asphalted sites located in places convenient for the entrance of transport for shipment.Depending on the rate of accumulation of waste, there may be several bunkers. Shipment and removal of waste is made at least once a week. Overflow of tanks is not permissible.

Works on transportation and utilization of KGM from factories and construction sites are the responsibility of organizations, as a result of which garbage was formed. In order to properly remove and dispose of KGM, you must have:

  • export license;
  • contract with the landfill;
  • special equipment - garbage container ships or press container carriers;
  • labor force.

For one-time transportation of waste, you can use a dump truck.

Most modern enterprises and construction companies do not have the necessary resources for garbage collection. This is a fairly time-consuming work, requiring considerable effort and material resources for the maintenance of special equipment. Therefore, if a company regularly accumulates a significant amount of large waste, the best option would be to install special bunkers or containers in the territory and take them out to a company specializing in this type of work.

Bulky waste is transported to recycling plants or to special landfills.Part of the waste is immediately disposed of by heat treatment, and part is taken for recycling or landfill. It is worth noting that these methods of disposal are unsafe for the environment. The best option is to obtain secondary raw materials. This requires careful sorting of KGM with subsequent processing.

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