What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea?

What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea?

  1. Super recipe the whole family delighted with "Roulette" for its preparation you will need: 1 can of condensed milk, a glass of flour, 1 egg + teaspoon of hydrated soda. All this business is mixed and in protvin for 40 minutes. For the filling it is better to use cranberries, frozen cranberries to make "like jam" I do without sugar, because with sugar it will be too luscious, and so everything is delicious)) We get the roll (baked, slightly roasted) from the oven, spread it with jam "like a rug" cut the edges and mmm yummy is ready))
  2. apple pie and fast and tasty
  3. now buns with raisins did. yeast dough and raisins.
  4. Very simply and quickly take in the store ice cream puff pastry defrost the cut strips sprinkle with sugar or nuts and oven in the oven at 180 minutes 15 get delicious puffs
  5. Canvas recipe -)
    You cut the loaf into slices, you heat up the frying pan and take a small fire.
    In a cup, dilute 5 spoons of sugar in boiling water and pour this syrup into a saucer.
    In a frying pan you add vegetable oil. Slices of bread are soaked in
    sweet water on both sides and fry until a ruddy crust.
    Sun! Dshevo, tasty and angry -)
  6. if Pts. quickly, quite edible and quite inexpensive - make sweet crispy toast. Take white bread (for example, a traditional cut into a loaf). Cut slices. Prepare a mixture of a couple of eggs, milk and sugar (to taste) - i.e. as a normal omelet.
    Dunk the bread well into this mixture and fry in a frying pan (always in oil). Obtained deliciously croutons - and quickly and the price is cheap)
  7. Banana Cookies
    Very ripe 1 banana
    Honey 2 st. spoons
    Sugar 1 glass
    Flour 3-4 cup
    Baking powder 1 h. Spoon
    Banana knead to a uniform gruel. To the mashed banana add sugar and honey and heat the resulting mixture in a water bath until the sugar completely dissolves. Add the baking powder, and after the mixture has turned white and increases in volume remove from the water bath and cool. In the cooled mixture, add the sifted flour and knead the dough.
    Dough rolled into a layer thickness of 6-8 mm and cut a notch of the figurine. Drink a spoon with water and lay out the cookies. On top of each biscuit with a brush lubricate with water and sprinkle with sugar.
    Bake the biscuit to a golden color 7-10 minutes (the biscuits are baked quickly - you can not overexpose it).

    200 g butter or margarine
    200 g sugar
    3 eggs
    200 g coconut shavings (white or colored)
    2 tsp. baking powder (or 1 tsp of hydrated soda)
    300-350 g flour
    Rinse oil with sugar.
    Add the eggs, mix.
    Add the coconut shavings, mix well.
    Add baking powder and flour, kneading not very steep dough.
    Grease the baking tray with oil or cover with baking paper.
    From the test, form small balls, lay them on a baking tray.
    Put the oven in an oven preheated to 180.
    Bake for 15-20 minutes.

    Cookies HOME
    Eggs beat up with sugar, white, add soft butter or margarine, soda, vanillin and, adding flour, knead a very steep dough. Roll out, cut out the figures, put them on a greased baking tray and bake in the oven. Sprinkle the cookies with powdered sugar.
    Flour-3 glass.
    Sugar 1 glass.
    Eggs - 2-3 pcs.
    Oil 250 gr.
    Vanillin 0,5 tsp.
    Soda 0,5 tsp.

    240 g of wheat flour, 150 g of butter, 100 g of powdered sugar, 4 yolk, 100 g of peeled walnuts.
    Yolks, butter, sugar, grind white, mix with flour. The dough is well kneaded, rolled into a layer thickness of 1 cm and cut a round shaped cookie with a diameter of 2,5 cm, at the center of each press a small groove in the finger.
    Cook the eggs with eggs, sprinkle with crushed nuts and bake in the oven over medium heat, and then put in a groove for 1 cherry jam.

    Eastern Cookies
    Peeled walnuts, washed and dried raisins and dried apricots cut into pieces and mixed, pound eggs with sugar, pour in soda and flour, mix, combine all together and get a very dense mass in a frying pan, oiled and lined with oiled paper. The oven is 25-30min in the oven at medium temperature. Finished cookies put on the dish, remove the paper slices. 200gr sugar, 200gr flour, 2 eggs, soda on the tip tsp. .

    oatmeal Cookies
    1.5 stack. oat flakes crank in a meat grinder, 100 gr. margarine, 1 egg, 1 stack. sugar, 2 table. l. milk, 1 stack. flour, 0.5 tsp. soda. Mix everything, adding flakes and flour. From the test roll balls and bake on a sheet.

    Biscuit cookie with poppy seeds
    4 protein, 1 glass of sugar, #189; a glass of poppy.
    Egg whites, we will gradually add half of the sugar in the end. Then we put in the rest of the sugar, weave the mass and put it on a sheet, covered with paper, in the form of small cakes, which are lightly sprinkled with washed and dried poppy seeds. Bake the biscuits at a temperature of 110-130 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
    If you use finely chopped nuts instead of poppy seeds, you will get cookies with nuts.

    Biscuit cookies
    12 st. l. Cucumber brine
    12 Art. l. vegetable oil
    1 h l of slaked soda
    8 Art. l. Sahara
    14 Art. l. flour
    1 egg
    Brine, vegetable oil, soda, sugar, combine the flour and knead the elastic dough.
    Roll out the dough and cut out shaped cookies of various shapes.
    Put on a greased baking sheet. Grease the top of the biscuit with an egg. Bake in preheated to 180 With oven for 20 min.

  8. Now baked a mayonnaise grandmother on this recipe! Http: //blog.trud.ru/users/3719379/post124428490/ quickly and inexpensively
  9. Dough-19 table. spoons of flour, 100gr-margarine (protopite), 100gr-sugar, 2 egg. Mix everything and make cookies any. And bake in the oven. Cooking time 30min.
  10. charlotte
  11. Fry pieces of white bread on sunflower oil, on both sides, sprinkle with powdered sugar or sand, and crunch on health.
  12. Cookies. Cheaper to think of and no harm: a glass: sugar, oil, pickle, pickle;
    0,5 tsp of soda. Flour (kneading is not cool) do the molds and in the oven. Cheaply and quickly, with a slight crunch. Roll out the dough thinner. Take the calculator and count ... Children like.
  13. Have you ever wondered why some seemingly ordinary-looking dishes become honorable on the table? It immediately reminded me of Cinderella from the famous fairy tale of the same name, why did the choice of the young heir fall to her? So is my cake, apple, beloved, not only by me, but by my whole family. Why did he become king on our table both on weekdays and on weekends? And it's simple. The so-called charlotte (apple pie, casserole as you like) is easy to prepare, takes a minimum of time and is economical in terms of money. But the return to the maximum of the sea of ​​joy at home, a great mood, plump nourished tummies. I do not know in the family a super-cook, but the charlotte oven has learned quite a while. Neither my mother nor my husband can cook it the way I do. As correctly noted: for one and the same recipe, a hundred housewives will cook borsch in different ways. So here. I'm not boasting just my approach. Today, once again, her husband pleaded with an imploring glance to be a pie! Despite the plans for the weekend that was just starting, I obediently moved to the kitchen, where the households already cleverly cut apples and brightly weighed flour and sugar on the scales. I had to put all these components together in plates and put the mass in the oven under the noisy smacking of interested people. Now back to the beginning. How does the pie start? Let's go in order. We will prepare the necessary products. Apples 1,5 kg or 10-12 pieces. We take juicy white apples. The taste is sweet and sour. Flour 400 grams. Sugar 200 grams (if apples sour sugar can be more). Eggs 8 pieces. Soda 1 teaspoon. 0,5 salt of a teaspoon. Cinnamon or vanilla is at your discretion. Vegetable oil for lubricating the mold. Semolina for molding. The process of cooking step by step. My apples, we remove the cores and cut out the deformed places. We cut into small cubes in a deep bowl. Add to them half of the required sugar rate. We leave it for a while, so that the apples can start the juice. About twenty minutes. In the meantime, let's take care of the eggs. Separate yolks from proteins and mix with the rest of the sugar. We're gonna grind good. Whisk the whisk before the appearance of foam. In the flour add salt, soda, if desired a little cinnamon or vanilla. Next, mix the flour, yolks and proteins. We combine the resulting homogeneous mass with the apples that have let out juice. Again, everything is well mixed. Baking is the most important moment. Preheat the oven. Bake should be at a temperature of not more than 200 degrees. Clean, dry form (I have a unit with dimensions: 20 cm width, 35 length, 10 height), grease with sunflower oil, but not to flow. Very good for lubrication is suitable feather, and you can take a clean cloth. Then sprinkle the bottom and the walls with semolina in a flat layer. Prepared raw mass evenly distributed in the form and put higher in the oven. Baking time is about 40 minutes. When the pie will have a beautiful brownish tan, it's time to check its readiness. Take a thin wooden stick (you can match) and puncture the pastry in several places. If the wand is dry, the dough does not stick, our charlotte is ready. In the experienced mistresses of the eyes already swept out, they can in outward appearance determine the readiness of the dish. If you stick a stick to the stick, you have to let it sit in the oven. Home calls do not need them all for a long time in anticipation, barely restrain salivating. It remains only a fragrant chak to brew and start a meal. Which we did. Our beloved charlotte has once again gathered the family for a pleasant lesson, joyful intercourse and stormy absorption of huge pieces of cake with invigorating hot tea. Uayahhhaaaaa! The weekend was a success!
  14. Rug for tea. Ingredients: 1 glass of sugar, egg, 2 st. l. jam, a glass of tea. 50 g margarine, teaspoon soda, citric acid or vinegar, flour. Egg grind slightly with sugar, add margarine, then the remaining ingredients, add flour. The dough should be of such consistency as in pancakes. Pour into a well-oiled frying pan. Bake 35-40 min. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. You can add nuts.
  15. Hvorost "Valyushka"
    400 g flour
    5 eggs
    5 hours. L. icing sugar
    0,75 glasses of home-made sour cream
    50 g of vodka
    Knead the dough, roll it thin, cut into strips, tie the bows, fry in vegetable oil. Sprinkle the powdered sugar on top with sugar powder.

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What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea What can be quickly and inexpensively prepared for tea