What are the symptoms of duodenitis?

Very often there is such a diseaseduodenal ulcer as duodenitis. It is characterized by inflammatory and dystrophic processes in the mucous membrane, the structure of which changes, in it atrophy of the glandular apparatus.


More often affects chronic duodenitis, whichdivided into primary and secondary. The primary form is an independent disease, but the secondary becomes a continuation of such diseases as pancreatitis, cholecystitis, ulcer, gastritis.

symptoms of duodenitis

The inflammatory process of the entire intestine is called diffuse duodenitis, and the inflammation of its bulb is called bulbitis.
Local duodenitis is inflammationadjacent to the intestines of the duodenum. The inflammatory processes of the large papilla, which connects the 12-duodenum and the gallbladder, are called papillitis. There is rarely a primary chronic form, usually the disease develops against the background of other diseases of the digestive system.

Symptoms of duodenitis

The primary chronic character of the disease appears for the following reasons:

  • love for spicy and sour food;
  • improper diet;
  • the food is chewed badly;
  • love of strong tea and coffee;
  • alcohol abuse.

All this has the peculiarity of increasing the acidity of the juice in the stomach, which damages the intestinal mucosa. In rare cases, the primary chronic form of duodenitis is caused by an acute "fellow".

duodenitis superficial

Playing a role in the development of chronic formlove of nicotine. Tobacco smoke reduces the production of alkaline juice of the duodenum, which extinguishes acidity, and contributes to the formation of excessively acidic gastric juice.

How and why do symptoms of duodenitis appear and how?it is formed, it is not fully known. According to scientists, the disease occurs because the interaction of hydrochloric acid, gastric juice and alkaline bowel secretions is disrupted. The secondary variant of the disease occurs much more often against the background of diseases of the stomach.

Symptoms of duodenitis of secondary nature are due to:

  • ulcers,
  • infection Helicobacter,
  • gastritis,
  • pancreatitis,
  • colitis,
  • worms,
  • cholecystitis,
  • allergies,
  • diseases of internal organs.

Duodenitis superficial extends only tothe upper layer of the mucosa that swells, its cells become thin, and their nutrition and blood supply are disturbed. If the symptoms of duodenitis are dystrophic processes, and inflammations go all overerosive duodenitisof the intestine, even hitting her glands, here we can talk about diffuse duodenitis. The formation of erosions on the mucosa testifies to a variety of disease, like erosive duodenitis.

Treatment of chronic duodenitis

It is very important to follow a specially selected diet. Food should be gentle and do not irritate the mucous chemical compounds. There should be little - up to five times a day.

Used for the treatment of such classes of drugs,as drugs for enhancing cell regeneration, antacid agents and drugs to reduce the production of hydrochloric acid, restore gastric motility. In a complex with them physiotherapeutic procedures are carried out, it is possible to visit the sanatorium along the profile.

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