What are MLM companies?

What are MLM companies?

  1. Business download for free: take-biz.ru/biznes/kak-ja-zarabatyvaju-v-internete-0t-1800-rublej-v-den or here take-biz.ru
  2. MLM is a great financial opportunity for single-minded, ambitious people. For those who understand that working for hire to provide themselves and their family with housing, a car, a decent vacation without borrowed funds is impossible. After that, give your blood banks for using credit funds.
    If you choose MLM, you need to learn how to distinguish MLM from financial pyramids and not react to intrusive recruiting.
    In successful companies, people come for different reasons:
    - for consumption of quality products;
    - to generate income.
  3. .... companies that promote their product through a network of trained consultants, allocating part of their profits from their turnover to encouraging their distributor consultants !. . I must say that such a relationship-the company-distributor-is mutually beneficial, and the type of business is quite efficient, creative, profitable and modern!
  4. You see, how many advertisements and "tempting" offers you received at once! And if you refuse, then you are a fool, you do not want to become a successful person! And the words are beautiful, the terms are scientific ... This is what MLM is!
  5. multilevel marketing - multilevel marketing, or in another way network marketing
  6. this is one big scam, where only the owner of the network gets richer, and naive horse-workers believe in a brighter future ...
  7. This fuflovyhstvo, and sometimes even refovodstvo.
  8. I recommend that you contact the Moscow Institute of Service, Moscow State University, at the Faculty of Network Marketing. There you will be explained in detail. Even better, enter this faculty and get a diploma of the established model of the Russian Federation with the qualification "Manager of network business"
  9. I was interested that you work in a MLM company. I am looking for partners, ct. We would like to work in a promising company that has recently entered the market of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but which has already proven itself. We are talking about the company FMGroup World. She is engaged in the promotion of perfumery and cosmetic products, CT. are at all times no less in demand than food. Work in the company does not require large initial investments, permits from regulatory authorities. There is no risk of “burning out”, since the goods are sold under the order, Our company attracts with novelty and the opportunity to be the first in its region. All information about the company can be viewed on the official website of the company link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project
    I would like to know your opinion on my proposal
  10. Network or multilevel marketing is a dual concept. It is impossible to give a definition that fully describes it and does not contain contradictions at the same time. Therefore, for greater clarity, here are several definitions:

    1. Network marketing is a way of promoting goods and services through the creation and expansion of a network. Companies that promote their goods and services by creating networks of trade and service enterprises (store chains, catering establishments, service industries), strive to separate their business from the concept of network marketing, which is considered inseparable from the concept of direct sales.

    2. Network marketing, in the definition of the Orthodox sectologist Alexander Leonidovich Dvorkin and the administration of the cognitive resource Clever. ru, this is a marketing move, similar to the viral: the goods are distributed among friends, friends. It is mainly used in the field of cosmetics. A characteristic feature of network marketing is that its use is widely used by commercial cults.

    3. A network or multi-level marketing method of direct sales, which consists in the fact that a person who has become a product distributor receives a commission for the distribution of products attracted by distributors.

  11. Firstly, it is a serious business, no matter what one says negative. Secondly Many people who did not work out (lack of patience) usually begin to blame anyone for their troubles. Each network company has its own rules to follow. Imagine if you work at the hiring job, twist your nose, that it does not suit you, at best - a reprimand, at worst - dismissal. As a rule, business in such companies can begin without any risks for themselves and investments (monetary). I'll tell you in more detail: the business idea is so unique that it's really not necessary to invest money in this business, I build my business in the World company, where the registration costs 149 rubles. But I did not pay for it. Ask how so? The fact is that it is offered so to say action, buy, something on 1000rubles and registration will be free of charge. Many will say: "What a divorce?!" I will answer! I found a client who liked the products of this company and he bought it, moreover I gave him my lifetime discount 20%, which I received at registration. That's my start and started in this industry. I can talk for a long time, for some I will open my eyes to the truth - if you are interested in reading my posts in VK - link to the community: . And remember! The first and main prerequisite for success in business is patience.

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