What and how to cure epilepsy forever

Jul 20, 2018

How to cure epilepsy

Many people ask how to cure epilepsy and whether it should be treated.For many decades this disease is a problem for many people.This disease is associated with sudden excess excitations of neurons in the cortex of the human brain.However, it is known that some types of animals are affected by epilepsy.


  • Principles of treatment of epilepsy
  • Features monotherapy or polytherapy
  • The choice of form of epilepsy drug and the type of attacks
  • alternative therapy in the treatment of epilepsy
  • treat epilepsy surgically

Principles of treatment of epilepsy

Many famous peopleSuffered from epilepsy.Attacks of this disease are compared with the charge of electricity.If we talk about the principles of treatment of the disease, we can distinguish the following:

  • Prescribe one advantageous anticonvulsant drug;
  • It is taken for about 3 years;
  • Monotherapy with anticonvulsant is performed;
  • The preparation is selected individually.

Features monotherapy or polytherapy

a long time there is a "miraculous blend", which treat this disease for a long time.In Russia, clinics offer medicinal mixtures.Popular blends are Sereysky, Vorobyov.They are created on the basis of empirically combined drugs with a wide spectrum of action.Often begin treatment with the receipt of several anticonvulsants at once.

But it was possible to confirm that monotherapy is much better.She has many advantages in comparison with polytherapy.Also, it has fewer side-effect effects.

What is the risk of the one who decided to be treated with several drugs?Toxicity of the drug type increases.The effectiveness of treatment is reduced due to the interaction of anticonvulsants.

choice of drug in the form of epilepsy and seizure type

course and prognosis of the disease depend on the form of epilepsy.Accordingly, the goals of treating various forms of epilepsy differ.

should be noted that there is no universal anticonvulsant, which would give a good effect in different types of attacks and various forms of the disease.A drug that helps one patient may be useless for another patient.

How to cure epilepsy

to select a doctor effective drug should be correctly diagnosed with some form of epilepsy.Otherwise, you can damage your health, because if the drug does not match the nature of the attacks, they can become more frequent and provoke an increase in the manifestations of the disease.

You should not engage in self-medication.With an unexpected attack of the patient, you can not leave one.All items need to be taken away.After an attack the patient can fall asleep, you need to let him sleep.

Alternative therapy for the treatment of epilepsy

In resistant( anticonvulsant-resistant) forms of the disease, alternative( non-anticonvulsant) therapy, which the doctor must prescribe, can be effective.The most effective may be hormonal therapy, ketogenic diet, immunotherapy.Alternative therapy methods can only be used in certain cases and subject to stringent restrictions.

How to cure epilepsy

When the ketogenic diet is necessary to strictly observe the diet and monitored by a doctor.As a result of such a diet, epileptic seizures are limited or completely disappear.

  • The first 3 days must completely abandon the meal, limiting only to drinking ordinary boiled or purified water.
  • The motor activity should be minimized, and in some cases, bed rest is required.
  • For the next three days, foods containing large amounts of fat and poor in proteins and carbohydrates should be slowly introduced.Fruits, cereals, pasta, bread should be excluded;From vegetables - carrots, potatoes, beets.Such a diet is contraindicated for people who have deviations in the work of the kidneys and liver.People who suffer from atherosclerosis and have problems in the work of the heart, ketogenic diet is also not recommended.

Treatment for epilepsy surgically

Surgical treatment of the disease involves an operation in which a part of the brain that causes seizures of epilepsy is removed.In this case, there is a high chance of completely recovering from seizures.The operation is carried out with partial attacks, which are not amenable to treatment with medications.Currently, not only adults, but also children are carrying out similar surgical treatment.The child's brain has great compensatory possibilities, so even in the case of removal of a significant part of the brain's hemisphere, children develop normally.Surgical treatment of epilepsy gives encouraging results, but it is too early to give long-term forecasts.

Thus, the chances of a complete cure for epilepsy increase with the selection of optimal therapy and early relief from attacks.More likely a complete cure in childhood Roland epilepsy and epilepsy with generalized attacks.Decide how to cure epilepsy, it is only under the supervision of a doctor.

Approximately half of patients who receive treatment will not experience seizures in the future, 30% have a decrease in the frequency and intensity of attacks, others have a chance to be cured surgically or by stimulation of the vagus nerve.

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