Well to give - easy!

Well to give - easy!
For many cottages behind proudly clean drinking water is a very difficult question. After all, mainly in such villages there is no own water supply, and the water is delivered by cars. But such water is also very difficult to call "drinking." Therefore, you have a dilemma: you need to either bring water from the city with you, which is not always very convenient, or you need to think about digging a well. Because thirst is such a thing, when all the same the water that you took with you is not enough to get drunk. At the same time, you need to understand where to start all the same if you decided to build a well with your own hands.

In doing so, you will begin to study a huge amount of literature. Now it is very easy to use the Internet. Another way to find useful information is to ask your neighbors. And only after you have done all these necessary actions, will you realize that digging a well is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Today, there are several types of wells: drilling, tubular, pipe and key wells and mine wells. In this case, the method of digging each of them is different.Therefore, the first thing you need to decide - which technology will be convenient and suitable for you. At the same time, the most traditional is the chess look of wells.

That's basically all - you took the first step. Now you just have to understand how to pull out the well. When you buy a house in the country, you should ask the previous owners in advance if there is any ground water in these areas. After all, you may have a pretty serious problem - how to choose the right place for a well. One of the ways that the old-fashioned way is used when digging a well is biolocation. At the same time, a very disappointing conclusion may be waiting for you - there may be no water at all, or it will be very deep.

But if you want to know for sure if there is water in your area, you can just make a test well.

In doing so, you must understand which shape of the well should be chosen. The most difficult is round. At the same time, when you begin to do the water intake - you will understand that this is the most difficult work, because sitting with cold water is not so pleasant! And after all the work on digging the well will be completed, the last question remains - to make a “roof” for it.It is mandatory because it protects the water in the well from dust and debris that can get into it from above, as well as to prevent the water from freezing during severe frosts, which will be very unpleasant!

But if you can do everything correctly and correctly, then you will not worry about the fact that you will have interruptions in water.

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