Weather in Moscow in November 2018

The last month of autumn can safely claim an additional winter space: snowfalls and tangible frosts for November are the norm. And then the trio December – January – February will immediately turn into a quartet. If in the southern regions of the country in November there are returns of heat up to +15 or even 20 degrees, in the Moscow Region + 2–5 degrees in November - this is already good. Weather in Moscow in November 2018: what will be the last autumn month of this year?


What will the weather be

Some sites, such as Gismeteo, make a synoptic map based on recent data. That is, the forecast for the month is approximate, akin to the average temperature in the hospital.

Weather in Moscow in November 2018

Weather in November (averaged data for 10 years):

01 +3 +2
02 +4 +3
03 +4 +2
04 +3 +2
05 +3 +2
06 +3 +3
07 +4 +2
08 +4 +2
09 +4 +2
10 +3 +1
11 +3 +2
12 +3 +1
13 +3 +1
14 +2 +1
15 +1 0
16 +2 0
17 +1 0
18 +1 -1
19 0 -1
20 0 0
21 +1 -1
22 0 -2
23 +1 -1
24 0 -2
25 -1 -2
26 -1 -3
27 -1 -2
28 -2 -4
29 -4 -5
30 -4 -4

Weather forecast from meteorological center

Alas, in November, on average, only one clear day and plenty with long rainfall. The remaining days are partly cloudy. Damp, gloomy, early darkens, the rain goes into the first snow, and then the second, the third - and so on until the end of March. Late autumn and winter is a time of depression.Lack of sunshine, constantly hanging gray sky is bad for even healthy people. But "hold out" you need only a couple of months, because in late December, the capital will be transformed: illumination, festive windows, colorful fairs will change the face of the city.

Forecasters give an accurate forecast only for the next week, therefore, it will be possible to find out the weather on the last days of November only on the 20th day of the month.

November - folk signs

If there is no confidence in weather forecasters, then one can be guided by popular “weather” signs. They are not based on data from meteorological satellites, but on long-term observations.

Weather in Moscow in November 2018. Forecast

Signs of the month:

  • the first steady snow falls during the night;
  • November 4th is bad weather - soon to be a real winter;
  • on the Kazan sky crying - the rain goes into the snow;
  • the hail of November 5th indicates that winter will begin on the Matrona;
  • cloudless clear weather is a sure harbinger of a quick fall in temperature;
  • dry November to a bad harvest in the coming year;
  • if there is steady snow cover on Dmitriev day, be late spring;
  • the thaw on November 8th promises a warm winter and early spring;
  • mosquitoes still fly — be mild in the winter;
  • November is a month of contrasts.In the morning it may rain, and in the evening it will begin to snow;
  • prolonged cooling - to the harsh winter;
  • snow falls on wet soil and does not melt - snowdrop flowers bloom early in the spring;
  • poor harvest of mushrooms - the winter will be harsh;
  • November heat to frost is not a decree;
  • if a person does not freeze in November, then he will not freeze in winter.

Reading the list of people will understand that in Russia November is almost the winter month. Yes, even on the autumn holidays, the children fall to the happiness of skiing, making snow women, frolicking in the snow, checking accuracy, throwing snowballs at each other.

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