Weather in Moscow in December 2018

In recent years, among domestic lovers of quality recreation, there is a tendency to spend winter holidays in the country. One of the most popular destinations is the capital. Therefore, many are already interested in what the weather will be like in Moscow in December 2018.


What is the first month of winter in Moscow and the Moscow region

The climate in Pervoprestolnoy moderately continental. This means that all seasons of the year have a clear outline. With the December days comes the feeling of a full winter. A steady snow cover is formed on the ground, and temperature indicators are often negative.

At the beginning of the month, the average daytime temperature is 3 degrees, and the night temperature drops to minus 8 degrees. In the first decade, snowfall is practically not observed. However, the north or east wind is not uncommon. The sky is covered with thick clouds and there is a lot of humidity.

Weather in Moscow in December 2018

If you plan to visit the capital during this period, then you should grab warm clothes and develop an appropriate cultural program. Slowly walk through the beautiful streets of the capital is unlikely you will be able to for a long time. We'll have to go to a cozy cafe to warm up, after drinking tea with honey or aromatic coffee. Another way out is to visit the many museums of the capital. There are a lot of them in White Stone.

The second decade of the month is characterized by unstable weather. During this period it often snows and thaws occur. This time is not safe for walking around the city, as the night time still costs negative temperatures and therefore in the morning and evening all roads are covered with ice. Ice is an inconvenience for both backpackers and motorists.

The past few years have shown that global warming is a reality. For example, in 2008 in December a temperature of + 8 degrees Celsius was observed for several days. At night, the figures remain negative.

The temperature in the capital is greatly influenced by industrial enterprises and numerous buildings that are heated. This aggravates the weather conditions.Thaws become protracted.

In the Moscow region, the weather is somewhat different from the capital. In the north of the region, snow cover is more stable and there is no such slush as in the megalopolis. Ice phenomena here also occur less frequently. As for the temperature, it is slightly different from Moscow. Usually in the suburbs the temperature is a couple of degrees lower or higher than in the capital.

Guests arriving during this period need to carry waterproof shoes, and even an umbrella, as wet snow can often fall, turning into rain. At this time, it is better for tourists to visit the covered sights of the capital.

The third decade of December as a whole will resemble the first part of the month. Although it is not uncommon and very cold days. As a rule, this happens when arctic air is breaking through into the central part of Russia.

During this period, most tourists come to Moscow, and this is not by chance. The capital of our country is transformed beyond recognition. Everywhere New Year trees light up. The buildings are decorated with sparkling garlands. On large squares, bright ice compositions are placed that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. A lot of attention is paid to children.For them, organize entire entertainment complexes with slides, labyrinths, carousels, etc. That is why many guests of the capital come to Moscow with children in December. New Year's performances with Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and heroes from popular cartoons are arranged for them everywhere.

The main weather conditions in December from the weather center

These data were collected on the basis of weather indicators for the last thirty years:

  • average daytime temperature: -2.7 ° C;
  • average night temperature: -5.0 ° C;
  • Number of rainfall days: 23
  • rainfall: 54 mm .;
  • wind force: 4.3 m / s .;
  • pressure: 762 mm. Hg v .;
  • average daily hours of sundial: 1.3 hours;
  • light day: 7.0 - 7.5 hours.

Most often, the coldest day is December 7th, and the warmest is December 27th.

The lowest December temperature in the last seven years was -24 ° С. It was observed on 12/24/12.

The highest temperature in December is +9 ° С. It was recorded on 12/21/15.

As for precipitation, then a quarter of the time is snowing. In rare cases, it turns into rain (4%).

The first half of the month is characterized by a large one third of precipitation.

Most snow falls on the first of December.Large-scale and long-lasting snowfall in December, as a rule, does not happen.

Weather in Moscow in December 2018 from the Hydrometeorological Center and Gismeteo. The most accurate weather forecast

The lowest pressure was 12/24/17: 736 mm. Hg Art., and the highest - 15.12.12. His figure was 788 mm. Hg st.

The strongest wind was 12/13/13. On this day, he reached the indicator: 3.1 m / s. It should be noted that in the first half of December there is more windy weather.

The first month of winter is characterized by high humidity - 87%.

We hope you now have an idea about the December weather in Moscow. The most accurate weather forecast for the coming days can be found online on the service Gismeteo.

Preliminary forecast for December 2018 for Moscow

Experts from the Hydrometeorological Center for more than a decade have been monitoring the weather in Moscow and the Moscow region. They have accumulated a huge baggage of statistical data regarding the weather conditions in the metropolitan area. Therefore, they can assume what the weather will be like in December. We present this forecast:

Daily temperature, ° C Night temperature, ° C
01.12.18 — 1 — 6
02.12.18   0 — 5
03.12.18 — 1 — 6
04.12.18 + 2 — 3
05.12.18 + 1 — 4
06.12.18 — 1 — 6
07.12.18   0 — 5
08.12.18 — 1 — 6
09.12.18   0 — 5
10.12.18 — 1 — 6
11.12.18 + 1 — 4
12.12.18 — 1 — 6
13.12.18    0 — 5
14.12.18 — 3 — 8
15.12.18 — 2 — 7
16.12.18 — 2 — 7
17.12.18 — 3 — 8
18.12.18 — 2 — 7
19.12.18 — 1 — 6
20.12.18 — 2 — 7
21.12.18 — 1 — 6
22.12.18 — 2 — 7
23.12.18 — 2 — 7
24.12.18 — 2 — 7
25.12.18 — 3 — 8
26.12.18   0 — 6
27.12.18   0 — 5
28.12.18 — 2 — 7
29.12.18 — 3 — 8
30.12.18 — 2 — 7
31.12.18 — 2 — 7

December signs

Previously, there were no meteorological services and, especially, special satellites. However, people accurately predicted the weather. The fact is that since ancient times our ancestors have noticed certain patterns associated with the weather.Based on this, the signs that people used to determine the indicators of nature were created.

Although, due to human intervention in nature, many omens are not fulfilled, you can check and understand how perspicacious people were in the old days.

Let's take a look at the national signs regarding December weather:

  1. Lots of snow in December to a good harvest in the fall.
  2. The movement of clouds in a southerly direction to sunny weather.
  3. Clear sky to increase frost.
  4. Many stars in the sky mean that the next day will be frosty, and the night will be icy.
  5. If the hare coat is not white, then the winter will be mild.
  6. Bullfinch singing to a strong blizzard.

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