Weather in Budapest in January 2018

Hungary is a great destination for winter travel. The country is located in the heart of Europe and is protected from cold winds by the ranges of the Alps and the Carpathians.

If you are planning to celebrate New Year in Europe and consider this direction as one of the options, we suggest finding out what winter weather may be in different regions of Hungary and in particular, in Budapest, on New Year's Eve and in January 2018.

Winter in Hungary

Hungary climate

The geographical location of Hungary contributes to the formation of a mild and comfortable temperate continental climate in the vast expanses of the country with a pronounced seasonality.

The beach season in the region often lasts until November, and the cold begins closer to the beginning of the calendar winter.

The proximity of the mountains protects the region from strong winds and cold northern air masses, so the frost here is a rare phenomenon. January in Hungary is considered the coldest month. But the thermometers if they descend a little below 0 ºС, then it is not for a long time and the frosts are quickly replaced by thaws.

The weather is often windless.If appreciable movement of air masses occurs, the wind speed does not exceed 3-4 m / s.

Skating rink in Budapest

Winter in Budapest

Budapest is the heart of Hungary. This is an amazingly beautiful city formed by the merger of three large settlements. That is why there is a contrast between the ancient architecture of Buda, the originality of Obuda, as well as the modern design of the streets and boulevards of Pest.

Many tourists plan to meet New 2018 in Budapest, because the weather is mild and comfortable, in January they promise soft snow and, of course, a lot of various entertainment for tourists:

  • excellent ski slopes;
  • thermal springs, where you can swim even on the coldest days;
  • city ​​tours;
  • traveling to the wonderful world of culinary delights;
  • an unforgettable firework over the Neva River, which can be viewed both from the shore and from the deck of a pleasure craft.

Thermal pools in Budapest

The snow that fell in Budapest at Christmas, unfortunately, may not last until New Year's Eve, since warming is expected at the end of December. But weather forecasters promise that nature will more than catch up with this omission in January, sprinkling the streets of the city with white fluffy snow.

Forecasts of weather forecasters for January 2018

The first days of 2018 will be warm enough. But starting from January 4, night frosts down to -1 ºС are possible. Precipitation is possible in the form of rain or sleet. The temperature swings will rock the city for the whole month, then shackling with ice chains, then warming up with the gentle January sun.

Despite the morning ice, during the daytime the weather will be favorable for walks, excursions to attractions, swimming in the thermal pool, visits to the city skating rink and fairs that will work in the city center for the holidays.

Weather in January 2018 in Budapest

Weather in the ski resorts of Hungary

If the positive temperature does not reflect your expectations from the New Year's Hungary, feel free to go to one of the ski resorts in the region, which are not inferior in terms of the well-known European counterparts.

The air temperature at ski resorts in January is usually kept in comfortable negative values ​​from -1 to -5 ºС.

In the mountainous regions of Hungary, snow cover is formed at the end of autumn and remains until the end of March, which allows you to enjoy the magnificence of winter nature and active rest.Although the mountains here do not reach extreme heights, skiers and snowboarders of different levels of training will find excellent trails for themselves. Thanks to the round-the-clock operation of the lifts and high-quality lighting, you can even ride here at night. For kids there are also equipped slides for a safe descent on a sleigh.

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