Ways of warming wooden windows

November 25, 2017
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On sale you can find a large number of materials used for insulation of wooden windows, the difference between them only in prices, service life and methods of fastening. By the way, you can insulate the windows yourself, just by choosing the appropriate material.

Ways of warming wooden windows

Sealing tape, perhaps the most popular and easiest option. It is only necessary to measure the width of the slots and go to choose a tape, standard sizes from 3 to 7 mm. There are no special tricks in sticking, the sticky layer clings tightly to the surface, the main thing is to make inseparable lines and avoid tension. If there is an opportunity, it is better to hammer in the structure with nails or fasten with brackets, it will be more reliable, and even if some windows rarely open, you can not re-glue it next year.

Old proven method-paper insulation. To do this, you will need several wet sheets of paper and a few dry, wet sheets are pushed into the slots, with maximum depth and without empty space, then the gap is glued to the outside with dry paper.There is a big minus in this method, as soon as the warming comes, you will have to not only get all the paper, but also paint the window frame, because the paint will remain directly on the insulation.

It is popular to use foam rubber, it also needs to be pushed into the slots and glued with strips of paper on top. This material does not damage the paint and is much easier to remove. The only problem is if the gap is deep and the foam gets wet, then rotting can begin.

Ways of warming wooden windows

The most heat-saving and difficult to install method-film. It is cut to the size of the glass unit and glued with a double-sided tape from a representative of 3M adhesive tapes and adhesives in Ukraine, and you must carefully determine the location of the metal side of the film, it must “look” on the street. It is this metallized coating that helps to keep the heat inside the room, and thanks to the electrical conductivity, solar energy from the outside freely flows into the house. If you mix up the sides during the installation, the result will be the opposite and you will only harm the thermal regime of your home or workplace. Be careful when sticking your window openings.

Ways of warming wooden windows

You can install shutters as a warming, decoration and protection against uninvited guests.About 10-15% of the heat will remain indoors, and a wide range of models will make the facade more presentable.

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