Warming, glazing and finishing

Today, a comfortable and convenient loggia has become not only a justified desire, but also a completely realizable goal. Warming and production of a turnkey loggia - the Favorite Windows company will execute in the shortest possible time. Work begins with the installation of new glazing for a balcony or loggia. PVC systems allow you to qualitatively and reliably insulate this corner of the apartment and are great for your home. In the absence of a concrete or brick parapet, it is necessary to erect a foam concrete block. This is necessary to maintain heavy frame structures.

Walls, ceiling and floor must be carefully insulated so that the heat is kept indoors. The company "Favorite windows" individually approaches each order and performs work on individual characteristics. Using and combining a variety of materials: mineral wool, penoplex and foil folofol, experts achieve excellent results, and the life of this filling is high and reliable.

The balcony can be equipped with a radiator for more heating and temperature preservation, but the specialists of the company “Favorite windows” can make an individual order, make warm floors that will free up more space and not force you to become attached to the radiator panel. Working with the checked, environmentally friendly materials, the Favorite Windows company allows you to not doubt their quality and functionality.

Finishing work is carried out efficiently and quickly. Produce flooring, engaged in wall cladding and polka. Lining, plastic panels or other materials of your choice will decorate the updated loggia. At the request of the customer, additional shelves can be installed, a wardrobe is built in or a winter garden is designed. You can choose a variety of colors and texture that will fit perfectly into the design of your apartment.

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