It is difficult to imagine a hallway where there is no closet, hangers and shelves for shoes. This is not strange. A variety of things forces us to store them somewhere, winter, autumn, spring, summer - tons of wardrobe. Of course, you can scatter everything around the room, or put it in a huge pile, but that, you know. Cabinets have become just an integral part of our lives.

Even Napoleon Bonaparte did not like the way his soldiers live, a constant mess. It was then that he decided that things were kept behind a special screen. After that, the Americans removed the screen and “attached” the door. After some time, she was "put" on wheels and let go along the guide. From this point on, well-known to us appeared, made of various materials and colors - wardrobes. What is very convenient, now you do not need to take care of the door, which constantly interferes, opening "on itself". This is also true in small rooms and hallways. After all, it begins with her acquaintance. To save space, built-in options are used, the more it fits well into your interior.

The size of the cabinet depends not only on your preferences and wardrobe.The size of the room plays a significant role. A good choice would be to use a 3-section wardrobe. Why? In the first section you can store winter clothes, it should be the largest, the second for everyday things, and the third for accessories: hats, scarves, umbrellas, gloves, etc. Shelves are good for this case. Very convenient, and if you think about it otherwise. Often use a mirror, it is not just beautiful, but also very practical. Dressed, looked, smiled - everything is in order.

The material from which wardrobes for the living room are made is diverse, and plays an important role, both in appearance and durability. The most popular are: chipboard, bamboo, mirror, natural wood.
Chipboard (Chipboard) is used most often due to its relatively low cost. The material, if in simple terms, is a sheet of extruded particles or chips. Of course, cabinets made from other materials will cost you more, but remember, you can also find combined options.

The mechanism itself is made of steel and aluminum. Steel is cheaper, but it doesn’t look so attractive, in some sense cumbersome.Aluminum is more expensive, but a good appearance speaks for itself. To say that aluminum is less durable is impossible. Both materials are durable. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the issue of price quality, so when choosing, try to carefully inspect the product for marriage or unfair execution.

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