Wallpaper in the bedroom

December 22, 2017

Currently, the choice of wallpaper is quite difficult because of the wide range of this product. Cost, variety, shade, drawing, texture and other qualities allow you to give a unique design to any room. If you are going to change the wallpaper in the bedroom, you need to consider all of the above product quality. As a fairly convenient and economical option wallpaper are paper, non-woven, vinyl, liquid, fiberglass, as well as made from natural materials.

Wallpaper in the bedroom

The simplest and not expensive option to change the interior of the bedroom are paper wallpaper, which are single-layer (simplex) and double-layer (duplex). The main disadvantage of this finishing material is fragility. Moisture, dust and exposure to the sun contribute to the rapid loss of the aesthetic appearance of the room.

The textile base of vinyl wallpaper erismann secrets provides good durability, repainting in a different color or shade, sound insulation properties, as well as a rather long service life. The features of this finish include: the transmission of water vapor and air, which for the bedroom is considered to be walkable.In addition, the room creates a pleasant atmosphere through the use of environmentally friendly ingredients and technological solutions in the development of wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the bedroom
Non-woven wallpapers, characterized by their flexibility, are environmentally friendly and safe to use and are great for painting, as they do not have a vinyl coating. Upholstery in the form of textile wallpaper can be an interesting calm solution for a bedroom. Good sound insulation and appearance will be considered the advantage of such a finish. The disadvantage is the rapid accumulation of dust.

Choosing wallpaper in the bedroom also needs to take into account the style in accordance with which the room will be renovated. The combination of furniture and textiles will perfectly complement the selected design. Plain and smooth wallpaper are selected to the style of "Modern". Glossy coating creates visual space, matte - home comfort. The classic style suggests in its embodiment the luxury of the Renaissance. Delicate shades of creamy, creamy, light beige in combination with an ornament of silver or golden hue are perfect for the bedroom interior.

Wallpaper in the bedroom

Pastel colors and light floral prints of the Provence style create a romantic atmosphere that is pleasantly located at any time. Abstract and floral designs of the Art Deco design will appeal to lovers of gray shades with an admixture.

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