Vocal competitions of 2017-2018 years

Vocal competitions provide an excellent opportunity to reveal their talents, multiply the experience of performing on the professional stage and declare themselves among the connoisseurs of art. Most often, the age category of participants covers children under 18 years of age. Older people, as a rule, have already decided on a professional level, so they are not so eager to participate in such events.

Only within Russia, hundreds of singing competitions are held annually, and the number of international competitions and festivals for vocalists amounts to thousands. In the period 2017-2018, their number increased compared with previous years, respectively, the choice for participants increased.

The specificity of different festivals is different, so in order to select an event that meets its goals and capabilities, you must first familiarize yourself with the requirements and format of these events.

State and non-state

The organizer of some competition events for vocalists are the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, government agencies, cultural institutions, academic institutions,while others are organized by festival agencies, production centers, charitable foundations, concert agencies, etc.

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As a rule, all the organizing committees of such events seek to attract famous and titled representatives of art to the jury, but if the competition is held under the auspices of the state, their number increases significantly.

In addition, scholars and winners can receive benefits and advantages during admission to the specialized universities of the country.


The scale of the event is determined by the city, region, country or list of participating countries in which they are held. All serious vocal contests on a territorial basis are divided into the following:

  • regional - imply the participation of representatives of one or several territorial units;
  • republican - unite participants of one republic;
  • All-Russian - inviting for the participation of children vocalists from Russia and the autonomous republics;
  • international - attract representatives from different countries.

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In recent years, the trend towards international festivals and competitive programs has intensified.In the status of international smoothly pass those that were previously regional and republican.

The most famous vocal competition and festival events held in the regions in 2017-2018:

  • “Planet of Talent”, UFA - from 5 years, dates - April 26-29;
  • “Siberia lights the stars”, Krasnoyarsk - competitors from 5 years, dates - February 15-18;
  • "Whale", Chelyabinsk - from 3 years old, on November 3-5;
  • "Sunny Peacock", Serpukhov - all ages, November 19-22;
  • "Your way out", Penza - age - 4-25 years, dates - December 1-4.

Festivals and competitions of vocal skill of the All-Russian level, held in Moscow:

  • “Unity of cultures - the unity of the arts - the unity of Russia” - all ages, September 15 - February 2;
  • “Frosty patterns” - from 3 years old, December 1-3;
  • "Country of talents" - schoolchildren, January 4-8;
  • "Christmas Stars 2018" - from 5 years old, January 5-9.

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Events taking place in St. Petersburg:

  • “The Magic World of the Backstage” - preschool and school age, February 8-12;
  • “We are together” - schoolchildren, February 16-19, March 2-4;
  • "In the rays of spotlights" - preschoolers and schoolchildren, March 29 - April 1;
  • “Creative discoveries. Music ”- all age categories of children, April 28 - May 1.


In addition to events that require a physical presence, there are other formats. In 2017-2018, remote vocal contest online programs appeared that are very convenient for disabled children, the poor, and all participants who are not able to get to a certain place. This is especially convenient when participating in competitions held abroad.

The competitive programs of this format include:

  • “Autumn Starfall” - from 3 years old, November 15-30.
  • "Planet of Talent" - quarterly, for all ages.
  • "The first swallows" - schoolchildren, October 29.
  • "Golden fish" - from 4 years old, September 1 - December 1.

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Entrants must select the appropriate nomination. Participation in remote events, as a rule, is much cheaper than in other types, since expenses for accommodation, meals, rental of premises and all organizational expenses are excluded.

Cost of

Participation in the majority of festivals or competitive vocal programs involves payment of the registration fee for one participant or team. Sometimes festivals and competitions interact with each other, and if you pay for one event, the contestant has the right to participate in several partnerships.

Often, for privileged categories of children a free visit or a considerable discount is meant.

If you wish, you can find completely free contests for all categories:

  • “Find a Hero”, Moscow - schoolchildren, September 15 - December 15;
  • “My Star”, Moscow - children under 18 years old, February 20-25, etc.

Vocal group

Parameters for choosing a vocal competition

There are certain criteria for selection that the contestant's parent or his manager should pay attention to.

  • Application deadline. Despite the fact that the competition itself or the festival takes place within a certain period, the collection of applications from the contestants can be completed in a few days, and sometimes in weeks or months.
  • Vocal genres in which contestants are nominated. This may be academic, pop, choral, folk, jazz singing, etc.
  • What qualifications of participants are allowed (amateurs or professionals).
  • Technical requirements for the competitive program (quality of music, duration of composition, number of songs, etc.).
  • The cost of participation and the possibility of obtaining discounts. It is important to clarify whether the price includes accommodation, meals, transfer to the accommodation, master classes, etc.
  • Additional features (often participants are provided with a free cultural program with a visit to interesting and historical places).
  • What principle of assessment will be applied (competitive or qualifying).

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  • Awards, designed for the winners. These can be diplomas, cash prizes, certain benefits or opportunities, master classes for famous vocalists, etc.
  • The composition of the jury. Often, during festivals, producers come into a jury to select those with whom they will collaborate further. In addition, professional vocalists, evaluating the participants, can make recommendations on the development of talent and professional skills, as well as recommend the university, the appropriate direction of the child.
  • If the vocal competition is held periodically, it will be useful to get feedback from previous contestants and their leaders on the level of organization and holding of the event.

If all the necessary parameters are taken into account, the vocal competition can be the starting point in the child’s singing career or leave a positive mark in the memory.

Video interviewChairman of the jury of the Planet of Talents contest

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