Venice Carnival in 2019: Dates

The annual carnival in Venice is a multi-day celebration, bright, colorful and enchanting. Participants and spectators are immersed in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages: stunning stylized costumes in the days of processions can be found everywhere. At some events, even guests are obliged to come in appropriate clothes and masks, at others the dress code is less strict. Dates are changed every year, it is connected with the history and traditions of the festival. In 2019, it will be held from February to March. Those who will be in the thick of things, waiting for an unforgettable experience.

Carnival in Venice

Schedule of events

The Venice Carnival in 2019 will be held from February 16 to March 5. The main dates of the main events in the framework of the costume festival have already been determined:

  • Saturday, 16.02. The grand opening, the national holiday "La Festa Veneziana" - the first important event, the beginning and the grand opening of the festival. An obligatory element is the shedding of the public and participants of confetti.According to legend, even one confetti, which fell on a person, will bring him luck. And they are annually dumped to the public in large numbers, so everyone will have a chance.
  • Sunday, 17.02. Continuation of "La Festa Veneziana".
  • Saturday, 23.02. The Gran Teatro costume contest, which always begins on Piazza San Marco. This is the highlight of the festival, and getting the grand prix is ​​the choice of the winner, who will bear the title of “Mary” all year and will definitely play the role of an angel during the next carnival. The custom itself to choose the winner from 12 pretenders is connected with the release of twelve beautiful Venetian women from pirate captivity. According to legend, each of them was called Maria.
  • 24. 02, Sunday. Above the Piazza San Marco you will see a soaring angel. Flight of the Angel - a traditional event, every year this honorable role is played by the winner of last year's costume contest. In 2019, it will be Erica Chia.

Carnival in Venice

  • 03.03, Sunday. The final of the costume contest, a grand event, according to the results of which the “Maria” 2019 will be chosen from 12 contenders. On the same day, two more shows await the public: “Flying Donkey” over Piazza Ferretto Square and “Flying Eagle” above San Marco Square.
  • 05.03, Tuesday.The coronation of Mary - the winner of the competition and the solemn "Flight of the Lion" over the Piazza San Marco.

“Flying” over the squares is part of the traditions of the Venetian carnival. Donkey - a parody of the "Flight" of the Angel. And the eagle soars in honor of the tightrope walkers, who used to climb to a high bell tower along a thin wire stretched from the pier of Piazzetta. The name of the artist is usually recognized just a few days before the show itself. The lion symbolizes the city itself, a flag with the image of the Golden Lion is raised in the air.

Within the festival, various competitions of costumes and masks, solemn processions are usually held. Recently, one day, a modern version of a masquerade with the participation of zombies is being organized. A more traditional and spectacular parade of gondolas. A flying lion marks the closure of a carnival.

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And what about Rio?

Brazilian carnival processions are known throughout the world. Tourists come there every year, millions of people want to see all the celebrations with their own eyes. In 2019, some will have to choose between two enchanting spectacles: the carnival in Rio and Venice. Dates of their holding partially coincide.In Italy, processions will be held from February 16 to March 5. And in Rio, all events will be held from 2 to 5 March 2019.

The Brazilian Carnival is held annually, and its ending is associated with the date of the last day before Lent with Catholics. Fans of samba will be able to enjoy colorful costumes and the skill of dancers - traditionally, various dance schools from the Brazilian Premier League will compete for the title of the best. It is difficult to say which of the holidays will be more interesting, but you still have to choose. And in advance, as fans of carnival processions begin to book tickets almost six months before the start of the event.

A bit of history

The tradition to arrange masquerade processions is in different nations. The first mention of the Venetian festivities refer to 1904. One more date is mentioned - the year of victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia in 1162. The tradition was strengthened in the XVIII century, when the festivities became more colorful thanks to the variety of costumes. In place of the modest masks and black cloaks came bright lush dresses. Costumed parades were canceled, then revived, and since 1979 the carnival in Venice has officially become a national holiday.He even got his own anthem, written in 1996 by Pierre Cardin.

Although the main events within the framework of the entire festival remain unchanged, the dates for their holding vary annually. This is connected with the Catholic church calendar: the last day is necessarily on “Fat Tuesday” - for Catholics this is the last day before Lent (in the Christian faith there is an analogue - Forgive Sunday, the last day of Carnival). Since every year Easter, and, accordingly, Lent, falls on different dates, the time of the Venetian carnival processions also changes.

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