"Vatrushka" - home-cooking restaurant

"Cheesecake" - a restaurant where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Features, menus, reviews and other information about the institution is contained in the article.


A new gastronomic cafe opened in the verycenter of Moscow. Both local residents and guests of the capital can not find it. Where is the restaurant "Vatrushka"? Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 5 - here is the exact address of the institution. You can get to it from the metro stations "Library im. Lenin, Arbatskaya and Okhotny Ryad.cheesecake restaurant


"Cheesecake" - a restaurant where the classics are mixed withmodern style. In the main room there are several flat screens. It would Seem, whom they will surprise today. But we have not had time to say that they are inserted in the frames of the old model.

The central place in the interior is a largebar counter. It is made of wood and is supplemented with massive decorative details. The main "chip" of the bar is the presence of neon lights. The walls of red brick, luxurious chandeliers and large mirrors - all harmoniously matched. In the corners of the rooms there are steel pipes. They serve as a reminder of the industrial style.

The furniture deserves special attention. Simple wooden tables are perfectly combined with leather chairs. And the paintings and sconces hung on the walls create a romantic atmosphere.restaurant cheesecake large nikit


"Cheesecake" (restaurant) is open daily from 8:00 to 24:00. On weekends, young guests are welcome here on a grand scale. They are waiting for delicious desserts, cocktails and soft drinks. And entertain the kids will be professional animators.

In the summer time the restaurant is openveranda. In a white tent is arranged furniture. Each seat is covered with a blanket in case of cool weather. There are many plants around. This makes the verandah look like a mini-greenhouse.

Owners of the institution have allocated a separate zone fornon-smoking visitors. Unlike many metropolitan restaurants, it is rash to come with pets - for them there is a special room. Cash payments are accepted, as well as Maestro, MasterCard and Visa cards. Next to the restaurant building there is a spontaneous parking.Restaurant cheesecake large nikit


Kitchen "Vatrushki" is under managementchef Dmitry Shurshakov. He participated in many Russian and world culinary competitions. The "Chaika" cafe he founded in 2011 entered the TOP-100 restaurants of the world.

Working in the restaurant "Vatrushka", Dmitry is preparingdishes based on recipes of Russian and Old Russian cuisine. He uses high-quality products of domestic production. Dmitry Sharshukov demonstrates professionalism not only in the preparation of meals, but also in their serving and serving. Even tea in this institution is served in beautiful cupholders made "under the old days". He is drunk with dried poppy seeds or cherry jam.

The menu always has fresh pastries, seafood, soups, fish delicacies and desserts. Most visitors order the following dishes:

  • A stewed chicken heart with a pearl barley;
  • beetroot with black currant and mustard ice cream;
  • Kamchatka crab with vegetable garnish;
  • cheesecake;
  • lightly salted cucumbers.

Restaurant "Vatrushka": reviews

Among the visitors of the institution are people of differentage and income level. Someone comes here just for a cup of coffee. Others rent a restaurant for family celebrations. Most of the guests were satisfied with the service and the menu offered. Here they could taste dishes that are rarely available in other establishments. Reviews of negative content also come, but in extremely small quantities. In them, people complain about too high prices. Perhaps they simply do not understand that this is a reasonable fee for the opportunity to taste the author's cuisine of one of Russia's best chefs.

restaurant cheesecake reviews


Now you know what you areestablishment "Vatrushka". The restaurant is famous for its hospitality and excellent cuisine. Do you want to evaluate its advantages? Then come to the address: st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 5.

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