Updated Volvo S90 2017 model year

Paparazzi hunt not only famous people, but also for various technical innovations. This is especially true of the automotive industry, where many people pay attention to the appearance, and only then to the technical characteristics.

One of the main intrigues of the next year is the new flagship.2017 Volvo S90from the Swedish company, which for a long time managed to keep the car's appearance secret, but photos of this model appeared on the Internet.

S90 sales are expected to start in spring 2017. What should be expected from the novelty?

Continuity and foundation for future generations

Prior to the publication of the pictures, the designers staged an unofficial competition about the appearance of the S90. Some “missed”, and some were not far from the truth.

One of the Chinese companies manufactured models at a scale of 1:43 on the order of Volvo itself. If in August a prototype hit the lenses, now on the Web there are a sufficient number of photos of reduced copies. Of course, their quality is not the best, but you can get some idea on them.

new Volvo S90

Volvo S90 is designed to replace the previous model Volvo S80, which is available since 2006.At the core of the S90 is the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, developed jointly by Swedish and Chinese engineers. It is also used in the production of Volvo XC 90 2 generation. It is planned that in the future based on it will be released wagon new generation V90.

Externally, the 2017 car is most reminiscent of the recently popular four-door coupe. Thanks to the modified lines of the body, the novelty will have a more sporty look than its predecessor. A distinctive feature of the new generation is to become the “Hammer of Thor” - an LED insert that has the shape of the letter T laid on its side. It is already known for the XC90, and the company plans to use this design solution in the future.

auto volvo 2017

Earlier photos of the prototype also provided food for thought. The car is carefully camouflaged, but this did not prevent specialists from examining the massive grille, as well as the characteristic rear optics. All this is clearly visible even through a dense layer of camouflage.

Interior, Salon

The interior of the car is no less important than its appearance. In the internal design of funds for expensive materials did not spare, so the S90 will be a more premium model than the S80.The salon of the new model will be designed in the “Swedish” style and will not yield to the XC90 neither in quality nor in style.

New Volvo 2017

When decorating the interior, Orrefors crystal was used, the seats are covered with high-quality leather, and wooden elements will be made using elite varieties of wood. The touch screen on the center console is similar to the one on the SUV.

Volvo designers hope that, thanks to the high quality of performance and attention to detail, the model will be able to compete on equal terms with leading sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


video review test drive Volvo S90 2017

The creators not only carefully approached the appearance and interior design, but also did not forget about the "stuffing".

As mentioned above, the S90 will have a modular SPA chassis. Most likely, the majority of power units will be the same as on the XC90. The four-cylinder engine of 2 liters will be equipped with a turbocharger and a supercharger. This will get 5700 rpm at a power of 316 horsepower. A 60-hp electric motor and an automatic transmission will allow you to transmit torque to 4 wheels simultaneously.

It should be recalled that all the motors installed on the S90 are part of the Drive-E line and are distinguished by enhanced environmental friendliness.It is expected that the novelty will have versions of diesel engines D4 and D5, petrol T6, and also hybrid T8.

Further prospects, prices

The official presentation of the Volvo S90 should be held at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The cost of the model is expected from $ 49,895 to $ 72,595 in the top configuration.

However, the Swedish company is not going to stop there, and within a few years is going to completely update the model range. Also, the Swedes are planning to start producing compact cars based on the new CMA platform, which is being developed in conjunction with Chinese partners from Geely.

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