Unified State Exam in Russian 2018

Every graduate of secondary school knows that in order to receive a certificate and a certificate based on the results of passing the unified state exam, it is necessary to systematically and systematically prepare. The Unified State Exam in Russian in 2018 is one of the key subjects in the exam. Everyone speaks about a deep and comprehensive study of this subject at school: from a school teacher to the President of the Russian Federation, who noted in his speech at a meeting of the Russian Language Society the importance of a reference Russian word that should unite people into a nation. A competent speech, according to the head of state, should become an integral part of the culture of our country, the rule of good taste. A.I. Kuprin called the Russian language the history of our people, considered its study and saving not an idle occupation of having nothing to do, but an urgent need.


What to expect in 2018?

Starting next year, the structure of the Russian language exam, one of the two compulsory subjects influencing the receipt of a high school diploma, can be seriously modernized in Russia.At the congress of the Society of Russian Literature, representatives of the Academy of Education stated that it is planned to introduce an oral part, the so-called “Speaking” block, at a single state exam.

The purpose of the introduction of the oral part

Modern children, born and raised in the age of information technology, are increasingly paying attention to social networks, forums, blogs, that is, those activities where speaking, oral speech is absent. The language of such communication is brief, stingy with the expression of verbal emotions, which are replaced by the well-known smiles. Let us recall the common truth: how a person thinks, so he expresses himself. Thus, the stinginess of speech is a consequence of the paucity of mental reserve.

Unified State Exam in Russian 2018

But social life, on the contrary, sets such tasks that it is impossible to accomplish if you do not possess developed communication skills:

  • make a speech, a public speech to the audience;
  • participate in discussions on a specific topic;
  • to prove their point of view with the involvement of weighty arguments;
  • be able to politely refuse, ask, advise, etc.

Why is modernized exam in Russian language?

The ability to competently build their oral speech is useful not only for participants of the exam in Russian or other subjects, but also prepares future lawyers or economists - representatives of all professions - to work successfully in a group, team, when close cooperation with colleagues or communication with clients and subordinates or bosses.

Therefore, it is not by chance that changes in the structure and content of the Unified State Examination in the Russian language are expected in 2018. It is high communication skills that allow a person to experience not only personal success, but also to make a better society as a whole.

Testing the oral part of the OGE

In some regions, in the ninth grades, the exam in Russian has already changed - the “Speaking” block has been tested. The exam participants were offered two forms of the oral part:

  1. Ninth-graders are invited to sit at the computer, using the necessary technical means to perform tasks that require an oral response.
  2. A 9th grade graduate speaks with members of the examination committee, answering their questions and performing the necessary speech actions.At the same time, there is an independent expert who evaluates the subject's speech.

The results of the pilot Russian language exam are proposed for broad professional and public discussion.

What will be evaluated in the “Speaking” block?

The method of assessing students' knowledge in learning Russian plays a big role. And only the test part and the written work is not enough here. Pupils of the 9th and 11th grades in 2018 need to be ready for inclusion in the state exam and the oral part - speaking, where pupils will test the formation of such communicative qualities:

  1. How developed are the expressive reading skills of the proposed text.
  2. Understanding and analysis of problems of the read text.
  3. The ability to independently create oral texts, depending on the objectives of the statement.
  4. Knowledge and observance of the norms of the Russian language.
  5. Ability to conduct both monologue and dialogic speech.

What will remain unchanged in 2018?

Despite the introduction of the oral part of the exam in the Russian language, representatives of Rosobrnadzor claim that the already existing form of the Unified State Examination on the subject remains unchanged.

EGE on the Russian language 2018. Changes, evaluation criteria

At the moment, the exam test consists of two parts:

1. 24 tasksIn the first part, the following skills are checked:

  • the ability to extract the main information of the text;
  • orthoepic skills;
  • ability to see and classify grammatical errors;
  • knowledge of spelling rules;
  • ability to put punctuation marks;
  • lexical skills;
  • knowledge of speech types;
  • the ability to determine the types of expressive means used in the excerpt from the review.

2. The creative part- Essay - will reveal the ability of eleventh-graders to analyze the problems of the proposed text, argue their thesis, attract literary and vital material, paying attention to the logic of the text, the sequence in the presentation of the material, as well as all types of literacy (spelling, punctuation, grammar, speech).

The correspondence between the minimum primary points and the minimum test points in the Russian language (according to the 100 point evaluation system):

Subject Minimum primary score Minimum test score
Russian language 16 36

Preparation for the exam must begin in advance. An invaluable help in this will be provided by the FIPI website, where the open bank of tasks is located on all the topics studied at school:

You can also take advantage of past demos, samples of test materials from an early exam posted on the same site, and test case variants that educational sites offer.

The date of the Russian language exam in 2018 will be known no later than January. Good luck on the exam!

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