Ukrainian Football Championship in 2018-2019

The Ukrainian Football Championship 2018–2019 is considered by many to be the second most important tournament in the post-Soviet space. In this competition are the best young players who subsequently go to the elite European leagues, or to the RFPL. Ukrainian primacy and intrigues are not deprived, because for the victory in it for many years Donetsk Shakhtar are fighting with Dynamo Kyiv. More than five teams consistently aspire to the European Cup zone, which makes the competition even more exciting.

Regulations of the Ukrainian Premier League

To increase tournament motivation and spectator interest, the Ukrainian Football Championship from the 2016-2017 season is held in a new format. First of all, the number of clubs in the tournament was reduced to 12, and the championship itself is divided into two parts. At the first stage, all members of the UPL play in a two-round system, that is, each team spends two matches with opponents (in their own field and at the opponent’s stadium).Further, based on the points scored, all football teams are divided into:

  • champion group (6 clubs);
  • elimination zone (6 clubs).

The points scored in the first round are saved by the clubs, so each squad starts a new tournament with a certain points handicap. In the champion group, as well as in the knockout zone, the teams play two matches between each other, after which the final places in the standings are distributed.

FC Shakhtar Donetsk

The winner of the Ukrainian Football Championship 2018-2019 gets the right to participate in the Champions League group stage, and the second-place club will compete in the qualification for this tournament. The third and fourth line guarantee the opportunity to play in the Europa League - the second most important international championship of the continent. The winner of the Cup of Ukraine can come to this competition. The club leaves the First Ukrainian League, which turned out to be in the last 12 place following the results of the championship. Football teams that took 10 and 11 places will play in the play-offs with 3 and 2 teams from the First League.

The start date of the Ukrainian football championship was July 22, 2018. So far, only the first 11 rounds have been scheduled, scheduled for completion on October 6. FFU further announces when the remaining games and the second stage of the competition will be held.The Premier League will end in May 2019.

All participants of the UPL

The calendar of the championship of Ukraine in football in 2018-2019 was made taking into account the holding of European Cups, the League of Nations, as well as the political situation in the country. Due to the tense situation in the east, Zarya from Lugansk, Olimpik and Shakhtar (Donetsk) perform in neutral stadiums. You can learn more about all UPL participants from the following table:

Team name City Home stadium Main coach
"Alexandria" Alexandria KSK "Nika" Vladimir Sharan
"Arsenal" Kiev Dynamo them. V. Lobanovsky Fabrizio Ravanelli
Vorskla Poltava "Vorskla" them. Alexey Butovsky Vasyl Sachko
"Gum" Chernigov “Stadium them. Yuri Gagarin " Alexander Ryabokon
"Dynamo" Kiev NSK "Olympic" Alexander Khatskevich
"Dawn" Lugansk Slavutych Arena, Zaporozhye Yuri Vernidub
"Carpathians" Lviv Stadium "Ukraine" Oleg Boychishin
"Lviv" Lviv "Arena Lviv" Zhilmar da Silva
"Mariupol" Mariupol “Stadium them. V. Boyko " Alexander Babich
Olympic Donetsk Dynamo them. V. Lobanovsky Roman Sanjar
Chernomorets Odessa Chernomorets Angel Chervenkov
"Miner" Donetsk RSC Metalist, Kharkov Paulo Fonseca

Odessa “Chernomorets”, despite the defeat in the play-offs from FC “Poltava”, remained in the elite division. The fact is that just a few weeks after the victory, the “Poltava” announced their disbandment due to lack of finances. As a result, at a meeting of the executive committee of the Ukrainian Football Federation, it was decided to include Chernomorets in the Premier League.

Contenders to win

You can think about the chances of clubs in the Ukrainian championship for a victory for as long as you like, but in fact there are only two teams claiming a triumph in the league. Since 1993, the undisputed champions of the country in football are:

  • Dynamo (Kiev);
  • "Shakhtar Donetsk).

Only the sequence of winning titles changes, while the other football teams do not even have an approximate chance of winning the first line in the table. The last two championships were left for Shakhtar, who despite the relocation and change of the head coach, could not only not lose, but even increase his potential. The main "chip" of the club from Donetsk has long been considered the adaptation of cheap foreign players (mostly Brazilians) and the full disclosure of their potential.In the current offseason, Shakhtar was left by the main star of the team - Brazilian Fred, who joined Manchester United for a record 60 million euros. Recall that two years ago, the budding player moved from Internationale for only 15 million euros.

The amount received allowed the Pitmen to work actively in the transfer market, buying a number of young footballers (Marquinhos Cipriano, Maicon, Fernando, Junior Moraes, Kayode, etc.). Many of them have already organically fit into the starting lineup, which allowed Shakhtar to win 3 victories in 4 matches at the beginning of the Ukrainian championship. The greatest number of goals scored indicates a great attacking potential of the team, which this season intends to become the best in the country for the third time in a row.

FC Dynamo Kiev

The Pitmen's main competitor, Dynamo Kyiv, also did a great job in the offseason, reinforced its problematic positions and brought up young people from its own academy. From summer transfers worth noting the transition Sidkleya, Cheche, Bueno. "Dynamo" - one of the few teams that scored the maximum number of points on the stratum of the regular championship. Moreover, Shakhtar was beaten up in their field with a minimum score, which brings Alexander Khatskevich’s charges to a clear first place in the standings.The fans of the club are only worried about the weak realization of the scoring chances, but with the defense of Dynamo everything is in order - not a single goal conceded in three games.

Novices UPL

At the end of last season, from the First League of the Championship of Ukraine in football in the elite division made their way:

  • Arsenal (Kiev);
  • "Desna" (Chernigov).

Financial difficulties forced in the offseason to leave Arsenal more than 10 players, most of whom managed to win a ticket to the top division. The management of the club had no choice but to equip the lineup with young people, but this led to disastrous results. At the start of the tournament, the Gunners lost all 4 meetings with a total score of 1: 8. As a result, the club is located on the last line and is today the main contender for departure from the Premier League.

FC Arsenal Kiev

Desna from Chernigov won a ticket to the elite in the play-offs with Zvezda. Last season, this team became the most productive in the First League, having loaded rivals 71 years old in 34 matches. In the offseason, the club did not make significant acquisitions, and almost completely retained a key clip of football players. Now they are faced with a much more serious task: maintaining their registration in the Premier League.Starting tours have shown that Desna is ready to fight in every match, despite the lack of experience and skill.

Thus, the Ukrainian Football Championship 2017-2018 promises a hot fight between Dynamo and Shakhtar for the first line. The remaining clubs will compete in third and fourth place, providing an opportunity to play in the Europa League and get a solid prize for it. Difficult political situation, financial crisis and social tension could not destroy football in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of fans gather at championship games in each round, and the championship itself every year only gains popularity among sports fans.

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