Types of stones for landscaping a garden

October 1, 2018
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Beautiful original paths and bedding in a country house - a traditional detail in the landscape design of the garden. It is worth noting that the originally developed and carefully laid out brick path used by b / y will undoubtedly be a decoration for your suburban area.

In order to build all this, diligence, imagination and, of course, not only beautiful, but also high-quality stone are necessary. And for a truly distinctive design, it is desirable not one kind. The main thing is to understand which stone will be the most advantageous option for a particular decision.

Each type of stone has certain properties that must be studied before purchasing a stone.

So, the best options for the garden.

Types of stones for landscaping a garden


Granite is considered a good option for the garden, because It does not absorb moisture. Therefore, it does not collapse. It can be safely used to design a pond in the garden. But it should be borne in mind that granite increases the acidity of the soil.

In nature, shades of red to black color are observed.Therefore, the composition requires reasonableness, after all, the colors are not the most cheerful, and the flowerbed can resemble a monument. The stones are quite heavy, which does not contribute to the ease of work, but in the end, the composition looks rich and solid.

It is recommended to combine granite with coniferous and heather plants. The contrast with delicate and fragile violets or irises looks spectacular.

Виды камней для ландшафтного дизайна сада


I had the reputation of an interesting option because it has decorative properties, among which in the first place is a rich color palette. The size and shape of sandstone are also different. The stone is smooth and coarse-grained.

It has absolutely no effect on the soil, so you can safely add to the composition with absolutely any plants.

Sandstone harmoniously looks in the context of the Alpine hills, rock arias, compositions along the fence and near buildings.


The use of limestone in landscape design is acceptable not only from an aesthetic, but also from a practical point of view. Limestone is distinguished by the ability to pass air and water well, which creates a high-quality microclimate in the redistribution of flower beds, which ensures good growth for plants.In processing, it is quite simple, not even a very experienced gardener can handle it. Especially positive effect on the state of high-altitude plants.

In the event of a long time limestone is overgrown with moss and lichen. However, this will only give the flowerbed a more interesting look.

As for the color range, it is dominated by beige and blue shades. The most recommended option is white translucent dolomite.

Combinations of the proposed stones are welcome.

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