Types of aquarium fish.

Dream of owning your own homeunderwater world does not leave very many. After all, when a person watches aquarium fish - he rests and calms down. And how diverse are the types of aquarium fish!
Of course, the aquarium is beautiful and amazingbright pond. But, do not forget that it is a very complex ecosystem with its own claims and requirements. And before you decide on such a serious step, how to equip an aquarium at home, you should prepare well.

Today we will review the main types of aquariumfish and some features of their content. The most common are viviparous and spawning fish. The first category includes such fish, in which fry are born immediately, bypassing the stage of spawning. They do without any help from their parents. As for the latter, such aquarium fish spawn on plants or in the ground. And only after a certain time of the eggs appear fry.

It is important to know that some types of aquarium fishare incompatible with each other. For example, in no case can not contain in one aquarium a scalar and South American cichlids. It should immediately be noted that almost all species of cichlids are predators. And if you gave your preference to these fish, then they should be kept separately.

Honestly, for beginners in the aquarium business the best option will be the most unpretentious aquarium fish, of which there is a considerable amount.
This is all known guppies, scalyards, swordboys or barbs. This group also includes macropods, goldfish, gourami and many others.
The most popular fish for beginner aquarists, of course, are guppies. They very quickly and easily adapt to almost any conditions created for them.

Gurami and macropos are familylabyrinth. These fish are beautiful and comfortable in content. For them, the purity of water in the aquarium does not play a special role, since both the gourami and macro-pops swallow air directly from the water surface.
Mecenos in the aquarium is not very difficult to notice. Their bright red color attracts everyone's attention. These fish are omnivorous and peaceful. But they have one minor feature - they can jump out of the water, so the aquarium should be closed.

Concerning the barbs one can say the following: in the first place there are more than two hundred species. They are peaceful and very active. In addition, the barbs are very beautiful fish. But this subspecies of aquarium fish does not leave its sluggish neighbors alone, trying to pinch their filiform fins at every opportunity.

A beginner aquarist in any case shouldseek help from a specialist in this field. In a specialized store the seller will provide you with all the necessary information and will prompt you how to choose different types of aquarium fish.

Perhaps now you are wondering, andhow much are aquarium fish? Prices for them fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. This and their size, and the rarity of the species, and exotic, and the complexity of breeding, and much more. But, even among low-cost species, you can pick up such fish that will please you with their unearthly beauty.

It is important to remember that if you did takethe decision to create an underwater world at home, this should be approached very thoroughly. After all, aquarium fish - this is only half the case. It is necessary to purchase the appropriate equipment, create all conditions for the life of fish, plant the aquarium with plants. Do not forget about the prevention of various diseases of aquarium fish.

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