TV series Star Trek (2017)

In 2017 there will be a lot of interesting premieres. What is the return of the cult TV show?“Star Trek” in 2017, which at one time collected millions of viewers from their television screens. Starting in January, a special CBS streaming channel will begin broadcasting this long-awaited film.

It is worth noting that watching videos on this service is paid and costs about $ 6, and the target audience totals about 100 thousand people.

This saga is one of the most famous. Its only that can be compared with the equally popular "Star Wars". Therefore, the creators of these two legendary ribbons picked up the dates of the prime minister so that they do not intertwine with each other. Even the release of the full-length movie Star Trek Beyond will not touch the serial tape.

Picture makers

The most important news that came from people involved in directly creating the series is that Alex Kurtzman will be its director. It was this person who participated in the filming of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) films.Also, one of his main achievements is Kurtzman, the sci-fi series “The Edge”, which he shot together with Abrams and Orsi.

As for the cast, the names of those who will have the honor of playing the role of brave space travelers have not yet been named. Most likely, these data can be found closer to the premiere of the series.

The plot of the picture

new star trekSo far, little is known about what Star Trek will tell the viewer. Although it is not difficult to guess that we will again be able to be “inside” of a powerful starship, which is surfing the galaxy.

Viewers can hope that the quality of the video, the scenery and the costumes of the actors in this part will look even more believable. And of course, do not forget about the special effects and computer graphics, to which, of course, the director will resort. As for the main characters in the picture, it is rumored that we will not meet with them.

The creators decided to come up with completely new characters and send them to unknown galaxies in search of exciting adventures.

Star Trek Universe

For nearly 50 years, the Star Trek universe has existed.For all this time, she managed to “grow” on as many as 5 TV shows, of which 3 has 7 seasons; on the animated series; on 12 full-length movies. And how many video games, comic books and books based on this universe were invented are difficult to enumerate.

In the early 90s, literally every teenager raved about flying on the Enterprise, and also tried to imitate the main characters. But by the year 2000, interest in the franchise began to gradually fade away and already 2002 surveys were not conducted. With the arrival of 2005, the project had to be closed completely.

Star Trek in 2017

In 2009, the well-known director JJ Abrams decided to reanimate the film and released a new full-length film. The plot of the picture was slightly twisted and original. On the one hand, the full-length movie could be considered a worthy continuation of the 1966 series, but at the same time, it covered the storyline of the last few films as an alternate reality.

It is worth noting that the Starhrek fans appreciated the idea of ​​Abrams, and therefore in 2013 the continuation of this picture was released. The sequel was named Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and was no less interesting than the first part.

As mentioned above, the Star Trek universe will celebrate its anniversary this year, and on this occasion, the release of the Star Trek Beyond restart triplella is scheduled.

As for the plot, the most incredible versions are already being built, but you can make an assumption that the creators decided to completely change the universe and make a completely new story. The producers of the film claim that it will have nothing to do with the show.

The “First” Star Trek

We remind you that in the distant 1966 the Star Trek series came out and immediately won the love of most moviegoers. Thanks to audience recognition, he stretched out for as many as 79 episodes, after which he was closed. Fans from all over the world wrote letters to creators asking them to return their favorite tape to the screens.

But, unfortunately, the company was repelled by the ratings, but they were disappointing. Already in 1969, the series began repeating this series, and by the end of the 70s it became a cult history.

TV series Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry is the main creator of the “Star Trek” of those times. He admitted that the inspiration for each series drew from “The Adventures of Gulliver”, as well as from various Westerns. As planned, each episode in the series was two-tiered: on the one hand, he told a fascinating story, and on the other, he mentioned morality.

The serials of those years covered topics such as war,loyalty value, imperialism, racism, economy, class struggle, feminism, human rights, sexism and the role of technology in human life.

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