Truck crane and its rent

June 15, 2018

Truck crane and its rentA truck-mounted crane is a rifle type equipment, complete with equipment, boom tower equipment. This machine has the ability to move with or without a cargo, without implying the presence of special paths, which is justified by the presence of a special counterweight. Undoubtedly, such a technique as a crane is indispensable for any construction work, but its purchase and subsequent maintenance requires quite serious financial costs. This situation is solved by referring to this type of service, such as renting a crane in Moscow or any other city.

The company “Montazh-Stroy” offers to rent truck cranes on fairly favorable terms. All offered cranes are endowed with a wide range of speeds, high maneuverability, equipped with modern means of security and control. The operator of the company will provide all necessary assistance in the selection of a truck crane, which is required to perform certain tasks.All the proposed equipment is made by such well-known manufacturers as Masheka, Ivanovets, Groove, Lacomo, Liebher and others. Undoubtedly, all manufacturers have proven themselves well when working on various construction sites.

Truck for rent

In the company "Montazh-Stroy" you can rent aerial platforms, whose height is 50.42, 36, 32, 28 and 22 meters. The autotower 32 meters for rent is the most demanded service, especially in those situations when there is a need for performance of the following works:

  • installation of industrial-type products or metal structures;
  • roof repair;
  • installation of advertising boards;
  • removing snow from roofs, laying or repairing electrical networks;
  • repair of facades of buildings;
  • lifting loads to a certain height.

All autotowers that are offered by Montazh-Stroy are required to register with such a body as Rostekhnadzor. The company's operators have been certified and are able to provide any consulting help. The cost of renting specialized equipment in the company "Montaz-stroy" is the most democratic in the relevant market.The company's specialists provide documentary support of the transaction and mandatory round-the-clock technical support.

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