The use of copper in the electrical industry

Картинки по запросу Применение меди в электротехнической отрасли

Copper is a metal that was mined in ancient times. The largest copper reserves in Russia are in the Urals. It turns out mainly through the processing of sulfide ores.

Pure copper is copper that has been treated with pressure. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Due to this, its lion's share is used in electrical engineering. At 20 degrees for such copper the specific resistance is 0.0167. In pure copper, conductivity is inferior only to silver.

For the production of copper tires using GOST 434-78. Three basic states of copper tires are used: T; M; TV; Respectively hard, soft, hard of oxygen-free.

After treatment of copper deformation, its hardness increases, but the conductivity decreases.

About 30 percent of copper goes to the manufacture of alloys that improve the characteristics of strength, etc.

Brass - is obtained by adding from 40 to 10 percent zinc.The alloy is more durable and corrosion-resistant.

Bronze - originally it was an alloy with tin, where tin is up to 20 percent. Now create bronze, in which tin is replaced by another component.

Dural bronze is an alloy with aluminum, in which aluminum is up to 11 percent. Significantly increased corrosion resistance and fur. quality.

Lead bronze is an alloy with lead, where lead is up to 33 percent. The sliding properties are significantly enhanced, therefore, it is mainly used for the production of bearings.

Beryllium bronze is an alloy with beryllium, where beryllium is up to 2.3 percent. Significantly enhanced hardness and elasticity. Used mainly for the manufacture of springs.

Due to the fact that the technological chain for the production of copper tires has long been rolled back, the competition between manufacturers is based on the principle of quality for minimal money. But given that good quality copper tapes are produced at Russian enterprises, competition between enterprises is mainly expressed in the pricing policy. And it is not surprising, because the smallest impurities in copper significantly impair the quality of electrical conductivity.Because the marriage in this industry is not allowed.

Despite this, foreign and Russian factories produce tires with special parameters. For example, you can bring tires made of alloy with the addition of silver produced in KUZOCM. Such tires are superior in performance copper. Other special tires are also produced at this plant. For example, with a high surface finish. This surface is used to deposit silver. And due to the clean surface, maximum electrical conductivity is achieved at the application site.

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