The series "Unknown" 2018

Detective crime films attract the attention of many viewers with interesting stories, mystery and the ability to develop their imagination. Recently, domestic cinematographers have been producing high-quality series that allow interestingly spending time behind blue screens. One of the exciting novelties is the series “Unknown”, the first season of which consisted of 32 episodes. The motion picture was very well received by the audience, so its authors thought about continuing the detective story. Fans of exciting crime stories are eagerly awaiting the release of the film.


Main plot

Memory loss is an unpleasant blow of fate for any person. Amnesia virtually eliminates from the life of all previously occurring events and loved ones. The main character of the series, Shagin, had to face such a problem. The rare form of the disease that has befallen him led to a complete absence of memories of his person. He does not remember anything from the past life, even his own name.At the same time, his brain is able to preserve the smallest details from the events that the young man sees, as well as from the conversations of the people around him. Incredible abilities of a young man help him to understand the history of the kidnapping of a child. More recently, Shagin himself was suspected of a serious crime. Amnesia did not give him a chance for an alibi, so there was a real threat to receive a serious punishment.

The series "Unknown" 2018

The mental abilities of the protagonist of the series allowed to go on the trail of a real criminal. This helped him to become a lawful member of the investigation team, despite the serious illness that prevented him from recalling past events in his life. Naturally, the involvement in the work of a human mystery is associated with a certain risk. However, Shagin demonstrates the extraordinary ability to build correct hypotheses and calculate incredible versions of current events. In addition, an unknown person is fluent in military weapons and martial arts skills. The trailer for the series will help to find out the first details related to the development of events in the film.

Film cast

The detective series in Russian is distinguished by a high level of quality, perfect artistic processing and flawless play of talented artists. The talented actors helped to embody the images of the main characters of the film on the silver screen:

  • Evgeny Pronin;
  • Alexander Nikitin;
  • Anastasia Stezhko;
  • Tatyana Fedorovskaya;
  • Vadim Andreev.

The role of Shagin perfectly coped with Evgeny Pronin. When the days of filming the first season of the series were left behind, the actor admitted that he had to invest a lot of strength in the work. Some episodes had to be played several times in order to achieve maximum realism and artistic effect. The main director, Vlad Nikolaev, initially set almost a Hollywood bar for actors involved in filming a movie. He completely laid out himself and demanded the same from the working group. Evgeny Pronin without hesitation decided to continue the difficult but interesting participation in the series of the next season.

Interesting facts about the filming of a detective series

Fans of detective films have long been interested in the release date of the following series.Few people know that before preparing for the work of Yevgeny Pronin, the real cases of the disappearance of people and cases of amnesia were studied. Therefore, the image of Shagin turned collective. The idea of ​​implementing an artistic project has been hatched by producers for almost three years. The pilot series was released after two years of fruitful work of the cast and script developers.

The series "Unknown" 2018

The continuation of an exciting video story very soon you can watch online. The series has managed to save:

  • Authenticity;
  • Originality;
  • Matching detective genre.

In the film, the main detective does not work under duress. He investigates crimes of personal interest. The main task for Shagin is to find out whether he is a murderer or a criminal. The question of finding one’s identity is in the foreground, pushing aside the love line characteristic of serial films.

In the process of filming the actors had to work tirelessly. After twelve hours of shooting, members of the creative team were forced to memorize large volumes of texts. The result was a highly artistic picture of a strange man who remembered nothing but the basics of criminology and psychoanalysts.He became a real find for the police department, as he disclosed any crime in the shortest possible time. However, Shagin does not leave alone his past, which he seeks to learn with the help of the people around him.

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