The Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum (Kemerovo)

It is located not far from Kemerovo "Tomsk(distance to the city about 60 km) is a cultural and historical center located under the open sky of Kuzbass, on the bank of the Tom River.The natural complex was founded in 1988. For many years scientists devoted to the study of this well-known monument in the world. article we learn in detail the history of the reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" (Kemerovo), a photo of which can be seen below.

Tomsk pisanitsa kemerovo

History of occurrence

It is not known for certain when and by whomThis rock with drawings of primitive people is found out. Early descriptions of this place are found in the writings of many ancient travelers and scientists, since the XVII century. In the middle of the 20th century, Soviet historians took up the study of petroglyphs. Long-term studies of antiquity were concluded in the scientific work "Treasures of Tomsk Pisanits" (1972). The authors of this monumental work were the scientists A.P. Okladnikov and AI Martynov. A few dozen articles in scientific journals around the world are devoted to this topic. Thanks to the work of these scientists, modern society is easier to understand what kind of vision the world had ancient people, what was their world view.

The activities of Soviet researchers

In the 60-80s of the last century, under the leadership ofAnatoly Ivanovich Martynov, a group of historians and their students was created. They have done a great job of restoring and preserving the ancient monument. The first restoration was carried out, a staircase was built, which to this day serves as the main descent to the rock. Thanks to radio and TV reports, essays in magazines and newspapers, ordinary people learned about this monument. First excursions to the ancient place began to be organized.Tomsk pisanitsa kemerovo photoSince 1968, the territory adjoining the scriptdeclared a reserve, and in 1988 this place became a museum. A collective of like-minded people led by V.M. Kimeev laid the foundations of the activities of this archaeological center. The first expeditions were organized to study the culture of the indigenous population of Pritomye - the Shorians. The formation of the ethnographic component of the museum also began. It included architectural and ethnographic complexes "Shorsky ulus Kesek" and "Russian Siberian village." At the same time, topographic surveys of the terrain were conducted, and souvenirs began to be produced. In the late eighties of the last century, downstream the Tom River, an exploratory-archaeological expedition, organized by museum staff, found new drawings of the primitive man.

Research activities

In 1991, the historical and cultural complexheaded by Candidate of Historical Sciences Martynova Galina Semenovna. During her leadership, the museum "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" (Kemerovo) continued its development. New exposition appeared in it, several conferences and seminars were held. In 1995, an international meeting organized by the staff of the reserve devoted to rock art was held. The largest museum in Russia, which holds a collection of rock paintings "Petroglyphs of Asia" and the complex "Archeodrome", was also created with the assistance of the center team.bus kemerovo Tomsk pisanitsaBy the mid-90's, "Tomskaya Pisanitsa"(Kemerovo) acquires world fame, actively participates in scientific competitions and historical forums. By the end of the XX - beginning of the XXI centuries. Such exposition complexes as "Mythology and Epic of the Peoples of Siberia", "Living Archeology", "Time, Cosmos and Calendars" and "Slavonic Mythological Forest" were created.

New tutorial

Since 2004 and to this day at the helm of the boardthe archeological complex is Kaplunov Valery Aleksandrovich. Under his leadership in 2005, the entire territory of the reserve was completely reconstructed. During its existence, the Tomskaya Pisanitsa (Kemerovo) has turned into a research center with a worldwide reputation. The main specialist of the center, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Anatoly Martynov, is his permanent consultant, the man who devoted most of his long life to the study and conservation of the reserve. Information collected by the museum staff in the course of scientific expeditions and research work, formed the basis of 4 doctoral dissertations and many scientific articles.Tomsk pisanitsa kemerovo how to get there

Natural and cultural center today

Today the reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa"(Kemerovo) continues its development. This is a modern archaeological complex. It combines the natural originality, scientific research and cultural activities. "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" is the real pride of Kuzbass. The collective of the reserve consists of several dozen people. They work in a variety of ways: from the organization of tourist excursions to the restoration of the archaeological complex. The territory of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa complex is not only a research and development center, it is also a favorite recreation place for residents of Kuzbass and guests of the region. The reserve hosts a lot of people. Simple tourists and world-class stars, politicians, scientists, businessmen come here. Many celebrities with a world name visited this ancient place. Among them are world champion Anatoly Karpov, opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky, Valentina Tolkunova, traveler Yuri Senkevich, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and others. There are also children's tours.Kemerovo Tomsk Writing Distance

The nature of the historical and cultural center

The flora of the territory is represented by a hugenumber of species. The fauna of the reserve is also diverse in its composition. The vegetation of the natural complex, and this is almost ¼ flora of the Kemerovo region, includes about 40 species of trees, bushes and grasses. Some plant species are tertiary relics, and feather feather grass is listed in the Red Book of Russia. The fauna of the reserve is also significant and diverse. Its permanent inhabitants include columns, fox, badger, ermine and many other small and large animals. Here live also moose, wolves and of Tomsk pisanitsa kemerovo

"Tomskaya Pisanitsa" (Kemerovo). How to get to the reserved complex

It is necessary to get on the Yashkinskaya route throughKirovsky district. It is necessary to move all the time along the main road, through the Kuznetsk bridge. It is important not to miss the turn to the left. Then there will be a railway crossing. After it, turn left again. Then you should continue to move on the bridge, turn right at the first roundabout, on the second - too. Now at the second traffic light there will be a congress to the left. Next, you need to move all the time in the main band. If there is no personal transport, you can take a bus Kemerovo - "Tomskaya Pisanitsa". The route runs from the city and directly to the village of Yashkino.

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