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The smartest doctor

MD Paulo Ubiratan is the head physician at a hospital in Puerto Alegre, Brazil.

Below is a fragment of an interview taken from him by local television.

- Exercises for the cardiovascular system prolong life, is it true?

- The heart is created to make a certain number of cuts. Do not waste them on exercises. Your period of life will expire independently

on the use of heartbeat. It's like saying that you can extend the life of your car, driving it at a high speed.

Want to live longer? Sleep siesta.


- Should we stop consuming red meat and consume more fruits and plant foods?


- It is necessary to understand the strategy of efficiency in nutrition. What do cows eat? Grass and corn.


What it is? Plant food.

Thus, beef meat is the most effective way to put plant food into your body. Would you like to eat cereal? Eat chicken.


- Should I reduce my alcohol intake?


- Not at all. Wine is made from berries. Brandy is a distilled wine, which means that the liquid is removed from the berries, so youwill benefit from them. Beer is made from cereals. Do not limit its consumption excessively.


- What are the benefits of regular exercise?

- My philosophy is this: if you do not hurt anything, do nothing. Are you okay.


- Fried is bad?

- Nowadays, food is fried in vegetable oil and is saturated with it. How can extra plant food be harmful?

- How does a gym help reduce overweight?

Absolutely nothing. The only thing that exercises for a muscle lead to is to increase the size of this muscle.


- Does chocolate hurt?

- This is cocoa. Another representative of plant foods. Good food for happiness.

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving to it in good health, with an attractive and well-preserved body.

It is best to start the journey with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in the other and finish it after numerous sex activities, with a completely tired, used body, screaming: it was worth it, what a wonderful trip !!!


- What else can you advise?

- If constant walking was useful, postmen would be immortal.

Killer whales swim all their lives, eat fish and drink water, and despite this they are fat.

Hares run and jump without stopping, but live no more than 15 years.

Turtles do not run and do nothing, but they live 450 years.

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