"The Legend of Boris and Gleb": a summary and analysis of the work

Not many original monuments were notedOld Russian literature. "The Legend of Boris and Gleb" - one of them. It is a pity that many works of that time were lost in the centuries. Probably, we do not know about a number of masterpieces of the Old Russian word. All the more valuable for us is the preserved "Tale of Boris and Gleb." The brief content and analysis of it will give you some idea of ​​this work.

It was created in the middle of the 11th century and dedicated tothe history of the murder of Boris and Gleb, who were later canonized. Based on the research of MP Pogodin and Metropolitan Makarii, it is believed that Jacob Chernorizec created the "Tale of Boris and Gleb". The summary of the work, presented below, will give you an idea of ​​his plot. And the analysis that you will find in the second part of the article will help to understand its meaning.

Sons of Vladimir

a legend about boris and glebe analysis

The story of the sons of Vladimir begins"Legend of Boris and Gleb." The summary of this part of the work is as follows. Twelve sons were with the Russian prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. They were born from different wives. Svyatopolk is the third oldest. His mother, a nun, was cut off. She was married to Vladimir's brother, Yaropolk. However, Vladimir killed him and seized his wife when she was pregnant. The prince adopted the born Svyatopolk, but did not like him. From his wife-Bulgarian Vladimir was born Boris and Gleb. The prince put his children to reign over various lands: Boris - in Rostov, Svyatopolk - in Pinsk, Gleb - in Murom.

The death of Vladimir. Svyatopolk seizes the throne

When Vladimir's days were coming to an end,Rus attacked Pechenegs. Against them the prince sent Boris. He went on a campaign, however he did not meet the enemy. When Boris was already returning back, the messenger told him that his father had died. He also said that Svyatopolk wanted to hide his death. Boris, hearing this story, cried. He realized that Svyatopolk's goal was to seize power in his hands and kill him. However, Boris decided not to resist. Svyatopolk really insidiously took over the throne. Boris, despite the persuasions of his squad, did not try to drive him away from reign.

The murder of Boris

Svyatopolk in the meantime bribed Kiev. He wrote a sweet letter to Boris. But his words were false. In fact, he craved the death of all the heirs of Vladimir. Svyatopolk began by giving an order to kill Boris his squad. She consisted of Vyshgorod men, and headed her Putny.

the tale of boris and glebe succinctly

Boris spread his camp on the river. Alte. He prayed in the evening in his tent, thinking that he would soon die. When he woke up, Boris ordered to serve the priest in the morning. The murderers sent by Svyatopolk approached his tent and heard the words of prayers. Hearing a whisper, Boris realized that the murderers had come. Seeing his sadness, the priest and servant grieved over him.

But here Boris saw the murderers who walked with armsin hand. They pierced the prince with spears. Servant Boris tried to stop them. He covered his lord with his body. This servant was called George, he was a Hungarian. The killers pierced him. George, wounded by them, jumped out of the tent. The prince was still alive, and the villains wanted to inflict new blows on him. However, Boris began to ask that he be allowed to pray to God. After reading the prayers, he turned to the murderers, asking them for forgiveness, and then told them to finish their work. So Boris died. It happened on July 24th. Many of his servants were also killed, including George. In order to remove the hryvnia from the neck, his head was cut off.

The prince was wrapped in a tent, and then was taken to the cart. Boris raised his head as they drove through the forest. Two Varangians again pierced him with a sword in his heart. The prince's body was laid in Vyshgorod. He was buried near the church of St. Basil.

The warning of Yaroslav

However, this did not end the dramaticthe events of the work "The Legend of Boris and Gleb." The author further writes that after a while Svyatopolk decided to carry out a new crime. The prince sent a letter to Gleb, in which he reported that Vladimir, his father, was seriously ill and asked him to come. Gleb believed and went to Kiev. At the Volga, he injured his leg and stopped near Smolensk, on the river. Smiddeni. Meanwhile, the news of Vladimir's death reached Yaroslav, one of the 12 sons of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Yaroslav at that time reigned in Novgorod. He sent a warning to Gleb not to go to Kiev, as his father died, and Boris was killed. When the prince cried for them, Svyatopolk's servants suddenly appeared before him, who were sent to kill him.

Murder of Gleb

story about boris and glebe author

Gleb sailed at that time along the river. Smiddeni in his boat. The assassins were in another boat. They began to row in his direction. Gleb thought that their intention was to greet him. However, the villains began to jump into the prince's boat with bare swords. Gleb began to plead with them that they would save his life. However, Svyatopolk's servants proved to be inexorable. Gleb began to pray to God about his brothers, his father and even about Svyatopolk, his murderer. After that, Torchin, his cook, stabbed his master. Gleb ascended to heaven, where he met his beloved brother. This happened on September 5.

The murderers returned to Svyatopolk. They told him that they had obeyed the command. The evil prince was delighted ...

Miracles on the place where Gleb's body was located

Gleb's body was thrown between two decks ina deserted place. Shepherds, hunters and merchants who passed by saw candles burning there, a fire pillar, they heard angelic singing. However, no one guessed that in this place is the body of a saint.

Sich on the Alte, the flight of Svyatopolk

Meanwhile, Yaroslav with his army moved onSvyatopolk in order to take revenge for his brothers. Victory accompanied Yaroslav. Arriving on the river. Alto, he became in the place where Boris was killed, and prayed to God to defeat the villain.

Old Russian literature a story about boris and glebe

Sich on the Alta lasted all day. Jaroslav overcame the enemy in the evening, and Svyatopolk (his portrait is presented above) fled. The insanity overwhelmed him. He was so weak that he had to be carried on a stretcher. Even after the pursuit ceased, the prince ordered to flee. He was carried on a stretcher across the Polish land. Svyatopolk died in a deserted place between Poland and the Czech Republic. His grave was preserved. A terrible stench comes from her.

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The prince of Yaroslav

And in the Russian land since that time quarrels have ceased. Yaroslav became Grand Duke. He found Gleb's body and buried him next to his brother, in Vyshgorod. His remains were incorruptible.

story about boris and glebe theme

Miracles on the grave of Boris and Gleb

Many miracles began to come from the relics of St. Boris and Gleb: the lame walked, the blind saw, the hunchbacks straightened. And where the brothers were killed, churches were created for them.

This concludes the "Tale of Boris and Gleb". The summary of the work will be supplemented by its analysis. From it you will learn about the relationship of the author to the main characters, their images and the meaning of the work.

Analysis of the work

An excellent example of the life of the genre is"Legend of Boris and Gleb." Analysis of the work should begin with the fact that it, of course, is valuable for Russian literature, history and culture in general. This is a real find for people who are interested in the hagiographic literature. Original, imaginative, brightly written this work. All his soul was invested in his creation by the author, who created The Legend of Boris and Gleb. Analysis of it must include a story about the images of Boris and Gleb, which are central to the work.

The author's attitude to Boris and Gleb

tale about boris and glebe

Before these brothers, the creator of the workhe admires. He tries to tell the reader as much as possible about their ideal behavior and spiritual beauty. Reading the work, you penetrate the admiration of the brothers, to whom the "The Tale of Boris and Gleb" is dedicated. The theme of the work is, of course, wider than the description of their deeds and heroic death, but they occupy a central place in it. Today you rarely meet a kind, good person without a back thought. Boris and Gleb are just such people. These are examples of purity and purity. You will see this if you read the "Legend of Boris and Gleb". Reviews of the work speak of a deep impression, which is produced by the readers of his main characters.

Personal qualities of the brothers

A surprising trace in the soul leaves meeknessbrothers, their angelic character. They are also tempted by their willingness to accept death in the name of the Lord. The brothers decided to carry their cross to the end. They voluntarily accepted martyrdom, refusing to go to war against their elder brother. Boris and Gleb simply could not take power by force.

Fairy Tale and Reality

A beautiful, touching, sad storythe author told us. He told us about good and evil, about strength and weakness, about youth and love (for fatherland, brotherly, filial). It is known that Boris and Gleb are not made-up characters, but real people. In the history of Russia, their murder took place. However, the legend about these people seems to be a beautiful and kind fairy tale, which in the evening tells the grandmother. With a sinking heart, we watch what is happening. We feel sorry for the young men. However, evil, as usual, must be punished. For brothers Svyatopolk avenged Yaroslav. Boris and Gleb are buried in one grave, which is one of the symbols of Rus. From generation to generation a legend about Boris and Gleb was transmitted. An analysis of the work devoted to these brothers is of great interest today. After all, this is a creation of great artistic power. Characterizing the "Tale of Boris and Gleb" briefly, we can say that it affirms the ideas of Christianity and patriotism.

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