The file shs. Than to open a format?

Owners of personal computers that haveinstalled operating system Vista or Windows 7, encounter a problem when encountering files shs. Than to open a format in OS Windows XP, the question does not arise, as in this operating system files with such expansion open without effort. How should the owners of newer OSes act, and what programs should be used?

What is the shs format?

The file that has the shs extension is the samea MS Word document, but of a different kind, more informative. However, the format is not very common and is rare. This is due to the fact that its creation entails some difficulties. Having encountered the difficulty with the shs file, than open it will prompt a familiar program - the Microsoft Word text editor. You need to drag the file to the open field of the Word document using the mouse and then you can read it. If a piece of text saved in the format of a Word document is dragged to the desktop or to a folder, then the exact same file will appear.

This format is used to hideThis file extension is the original file. Sometimes it can contain malicious code. Therefore, it is worth to be cautious when receiving such files from unverified sources. Before opening the shs file, it is recommended that you scan for viruses. They can contain scripts, or malicious programs (such as worms or trojans), which means they can damage the computer. Later versions of MS Word do not read files in the shs format. Therefore, you can resort to earlier versions of it.

Than to openshs

Now, after examining the files with the shs extension, thanopen the format, we know. You can choose the right program. You can open it quite simply. A special scrap2rtf utility is suitable for this purpose. With it, you can convert a file in shs format to a file with the rtf extension, it can be read by any version of Microsoft Word. The program is fairly simple and has convenient management. But there are drawbacks in using this utility: it can distort its contents when converting a file. The format is a temporary repository for copied texts, the so-called file-billet.

To understand how and what to open shs,you need to find and download the wxscrap2rtf utility, which allows you to convert the format. On the desktop, create a new folder in which the file with the shs extension will be saved, and run the downloaded utility wxscrap2rtf.exe. In the program window click "Next", point to the folder created on the desktop with the fragment stored in it, selecting it in the "Browse folders" item. Then you need to press "OK" twice to confirm the selection and again to start processing the file. As a result, it will be converted to RTF format. At the end of the process, click "Finish" and open the resulting file in Word.

Another way is to use the Windows Shell Scrap Object Handler, for which you need to enter "shscrap.dll" on the command line.

You must copy the filescraps.reg. To do this, you need to use the link, which is in the "Additional sources". Then open Registry Editor. Import the reg-file to the main application window. The system needs to be rebooted, after which it will be possible to view temporary files.

Sometimes, in order to see the true expansionfile, you must remove the "Never Show Ext" value from "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT ShellScrap" in the Windows registry by entering the Start menu, then clicking Run and typing in the regedit window, then clicking OK.

Now when working with the shs file, than to open it,the user will not have to think about it, even after first encountering it. The material introduces the most well-known ways to open files with this extension. But you should always be careful with such files. In order not to encounter any difficulties, it is recommended to save text documents as a file with the doc extension, which is read by Microsoft Word.

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