The Delphic Games in 2019

The Delphic Games began to be held in parallel with the Olympic Games, even by the ancient Greeks about 2500 years ago. Then in 394 BC they were banned, and resumed in our time. If the Olympic Games are purely sporting events, the Delphic Games were created to represent achievements in the field of art. Creative people or groups can try their luck on them, and everyone can see this unforgettable spectacle!

Delphic Games 2019

Structure and Program

Every year in different regions of Russia, the Youth Delphic Games are held, which are the first stage before international competitions. To participate in them, children and young people of 10-25 years come from all subjects of the Russian Federation.

All participants in the competition are people with extraordinary talent and abilities who are still learning, but not engaged in professional artistic activities. These can be solo performers or groups. They are selected on regional qualifying rounds according to certain criteria prescribed in the position of the Delphic Games.

Those who wish to participate can submit an application to the Directorate before a certain date specified on the official website of the

The opening ceremony

The competition begins with the Opening Ceremony. This day the Delphic flag is raised and the Delphic fire is lit. Those present will be able to see the first performances or performances showing the traditions, values ​​and creativity of the host city / region.

The Delphic Games of 2019

Main program

The main program of games is very rich. It includes festivals and competitions representing at least 3 of 6 categories of folk and contemporary art:

  • music / songs;
  • performing arts;
  • literature;
  • artistic creativity;
  • architecture;
  • environmental art (conservation of nature resources, buildings, monuments).

Each category includes many disciplines. You can submit them in 2 ways:

  1. In the form of a competitive performance, that is, a competition that is evaluated according to certain criteria. They are developed by highly qualified specialists of one or another direction.
  2. At the festival in the form of presentations / demonstrations. Such works are estimated by experts on personal parameters.

The winner in each nomination is chosen in 3-4 stages. Separately held a competition for team championship.

In addition to the entertainment part, the program includes educational activities: lectures, discussions, symposia, master classes.


The program closes with the closing ceremony. Winners and prize-winners of the competitions perform at the final gala concert. Award the best delegations.

It is interesting to know: delegates during their stay in the host city usually arrange a variety of excursions, cultural events.

Purpose of the event

Art is a great opportunity to show your individuality, creativity and level of development. Competition allows young talents to unleash their potential, and performances give other children a guide and an understanding of where to grow further, what to strive for.

The Delphic Games of 2019

The main objectives of the competition:

  • multiply and preserve the cultural heritage of the country;
  • find new talents, movements;
  • introduce as many people as possible with the culture of Russia;
  • unite creative people, strengthen team spirit;
  • intensify the cultural sector of the regions;
  • to inculcate in citizens a love of beauty, respect for universal values;
  • share experiences;
  • popularize the active way of hanging out.

Venue in 2019

The venue of the Olympiad is chosen by competition. Cities wishing to host delegates send their applications to the National Delphic Council of the Russian Federation. The council determines the location of the next competition, as well as their program, the jury and other nuances.

In 2019, the 18th in a row, the Delphic Games of Russia will be held in the Rostov Region. This decision was officially announced on September 5th. The committee will be headed by Vladimir Ponyavin.

The Delphic Games of 2019

The date is April 19-24. Local authorities are already beginning to prepare for this large-scale event. The Governor of the Rostov Region ordered to approve the plan for holding the Games until October 15 of the current year.

An interesting fact: the first modern Delphic Games were held in 1999 in Saratov.


Since there are many branches of art, each year a certain number of categories are selected for the festival. In 2019, at the Delphic Games should hold 29 competitions, among which there are nominations for:

  • singing (folk, pop, academic);
  • playing musical instruments (flute, piano, domra, violin, guitar, electro-keyboard instrument);
  • dances (folk, classical, modern);
  • theater performances;
  • fine art, photography;
  • artistic reading;
  • research activities.

There will also be nominations for young DJs, TV journalists, designers, chefs, circus performers. Given that they are divided by age groups, it is simply impossible to list them all. Rewards will be a huge amount!

The Delphic Games of 2019

Each of the nominations will be judged by a separate jury, among which may be well-known artists, artists, cultural figures and scientists, experts from art academies, universities and colleges.

The Delphic Games 2019 will be broadcast online on the official site, as well as many regional and federal TV channels. Therefore, anyone can see them!

Awards, winners

All participants are given souvenirs and certificates of participation. Winners are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. The award is given to each member of the team. Particularly noted participants may be encouraged by the Presidential Prize or valuable prizes.

According to the results of the competition, the national team of the Russian Federation will be selected.These guys will perform at international events.

The event is being watched by various personalities (politicians, world leaders, scientists) who are looking for new talents. Therefore, participants have the opportunity to get to the cinema, to the big stage, or to get a position in a prestigious company.

The second stage - the International Delphic Games - is a larger platform for people of all ages and nationalities who want to acquaint others with their creativity. They provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the art of different countries, creating a basis for emotional understanding between people.

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