The choice of linoleum

March 15, 2018
Renovation of apartments

Recently, apartment renovation has become an expensive pleasure. Any, even the smallest redecoration can hit the wallet hard, not to mention the overhaul.

The choice of linoleum

Therefore, in order not to drive oneself into a financial pit, it is necessary to correctly calculate all the expenses and compare them with the possibilities of the family budget. At the same time, saving does not mean at all to make a choice in favor of low-quality materials. One of the most common ways to save on repairs is to choose an inexpensive analogue of parquet and laminate - linoleum. The most important thing is that by its strength and practicality this flooring can give odds to more expensive materials.

In addition to physical qualities, linoleum also has visual appeal. Modern linoleum is produced from natural raw materials in the form of rolls and in the form of tiles. The variety of options that are offered by specialty stores is amazing. Linoleum can be chosen for any room, depending on its thickness, resistance to physical stress and the presence of lint on the back side.

Выбор линолеума

The advantages of linoleum as a finishing material are in ease of care, strength, including resistance to the effects of furniture on conventional and roller legs, as well as heels, environmental friendliness and length of service. The latter, by the way, is a very important aspect when choosing a building material, because the health of household members depends on it. In addition, linoleum is fireproof and endures the effects of chemicals.

Depending on the type, the coating is used both at home and in commercial premises with high carrying capacity.

Today, the market is filled with so much linoleum that it is easy to choose it for the interior style of the room.

It is also important that linoleum is very easy to lay. To lay such coverage in the apartment is quite possible in one day. It should be noted that this does not require special knowledge or much experience.

Выбор линолеума

In order to make cosmetic repairs in the apartment and update the floor covering, linoleum is best suited. So, you can save an impressive amount of funds, which can then be spent on additional work on home improvement.

Thus, linoleum - the best option in terms of price and quality.

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