The best Zelmer vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter: five models + tips for buyers of brand vacuum cleaners

You want to buy a washing unit for cleaning floors, but because of the variety of models you can not make a choice? The market is really full of offers, but I want to buy a reliable and efficient device, right?

We will help you find a decent technique - the article describes the best Zelmer vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter that can not only collect debris from the floor and sofas, but also prevent dust from returning back to the room. Moreover, they do an excellent job with wet cleaning.

Please note that the main advantage of the Polish brand Zelmer equipment is a combination of average price and high quality. Also in the article are photos and video recommendations on the selection and proper operation of equipment with aqua-filter.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners with aqua filter

Harvesting equipment of the brand won the recognition of customers around the world thanks to its versatility and long service life. Moreover, the manufacturer provides 48 months of warranty service.

In the category of models with an aqua filter there are 3 series -Aquawelt,AquaweltPlusandAquoswhich perfectly cope with all types of pollution, collect spilled liquid, traces of dirt, as well as refresh the air in the room.

The bundled set of nozzles allows you to thoroughly clean the rooms, penetrate cluttered with furniture and difficult places.

An additional HEPA filter in the unit provides improved filtration of the absorbed dust masses, preventing them from further entering the room. A modern motor is equipped with an overheat protection system, which prevents the occurrence of damage during operation.

Let's look at the most popular models on the market with aqua-filter, compare their characteristics, functions, advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to the proposed rating, you can choose the most worthy unit, taking into account your own requirements.

1st place - Zelmer ZVC762ST

Model seriesAquawelt plus, which has a modern design and versatility: the body of the product is made of plastic, silver color.

With this unit it is possible to carry out cleaning in the dry mode, collecting garbage particles in a dust bag, as well as perform wet cleaning of carpets and floors. To purchase a model offered on average for 12,790 rubles.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning surfaces - dry / wet;
  • power - 1600 W;
  • power level control - electronic;
  • weight - 8.5 kg;
  • modes of operation - 2 (bagless using aquafilter + bag);
  • equipment - brushes: universal type for carpets, various types of floor, small, crevice, for furniture, fluid collection, 2 pcs. for cleaning and washing carpets, sprinkler, foam formation neutralizer, detergent;
  • functionality - indication of the occupancy of the garbage bag, a handle for convenient transfer of the product, a protective filter element of the motor, automatic winding of the power cord, a safety valve.

New generation of motorEcoPowerwith energy saving, two different modes of operation, digital power control of the product - the main advantages of the model.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large number of nozzles, which allows cleaning of delicate flooring, marble floors, parquet and laminate. The universal brush allows you to quickly cope with the collection of even the smallest dust, as well as wool and hair.

The water and HEPA filter ensure that only the air cleared of allergens and microparticles leaves. Therefore, this model is suitable for people suffering from allergies, with young children, pet owners.

Of the minuses, users emit a short cord, insufficiently tight connection of the water valve with a rod due to the low rigidity of the plastic, small wheels of poor maneuverability.

2 place - Zelmer ZVC762SP

A similar model to the previous product, made in bright blue with gray accents. Assembly SeriesAquaweltPlusHowever, with a more powerful engine - 1700 watts. The vacuum cleaner can work in the dry mode of cleaning surfaces, collecting debris in a bag Safbag (volume - 2.5 liters).

If you or your child spilled juice, water on the floor, the ZVC762SP will cope with this task thanks to the 5-liter aqua-filter. At cost, the unit is slightly cheaper than the previous competitor - 11,790 rubles.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning surfaces - dry / wet;
  • power - 1700 W;
  • power level control - digital;
  • weight - 8.5 kg;
  • modes of operation - 2 (aqua filter + cloth bag);
  • a complete set - 8 brushes for a floor, a carpet, a laminate / marble, furniture, a water sprayer, foam formation neutralizer, means for washing;
  • functionality - dust collector indicator, ergonomic handle, protective motor filter, cable winder system, safety valve.

The product is equipped with a convenient compartment for storing cleaning accessories. This allows you to compactly and carefully keep the nozzles and not worry that any of them will be lost or broken.

A large number of brushes provided in the device configuration allows you to effectively collect dust, dirt, spilled drinks or water, and clean furniture and carpets from hair.

The owners of the marble coating offers a special nozzle that does not scratch it, but at the same time collect garbage with high quality. If necessary, you can use the turbo brush for cleaning pet hair.

It is also easy to control the unit and select the necessary modes.It is enough to use a digital panel with buttons and adjust the suction force of the air masses. After use, the unit can only be parked in a horizontal position.

Among the shortcomings in this model are cumbersome, difficulty in assembling parts, periodically jamming the telescopic tube and the rapid clogging of the water distribution nozzle.

Universal assistant with a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. You choose - to buy such a model or give preference to other competitors.

3rd place - Zelmer ZVC762ZP

A slightly simplified and cheaper option, which is offered to purchase from 10,490 rubles. The key difference from other analogs is a less powerful motor that consumes 1500 watts. The device is made in orange-black colors.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning surfaces - dry / wet;
  • power - 1500 watts;
  • power level control is absent;
  • weight - 8.4 kg;
  • modes of operation - 2 (aqua filter or garbage collection in the bag);
  • equipment - 8 types of nozzles for cleaning the floor, carpet, marble surface, furniture, water sprayer, foam neutralizer, detergent;
  • functionality - indication of the occupancy of the dust collector, ergonomic handle, protective filter and valve, automated cable rewind, dual filtration system.

Decent option for home use. And its low price tag did not affect the quality of cleaning.

Reducing the cost of the manufacturer has achieved by reducing the force of suction of dust, the absence of an electronic power regulator on the body in the product, a softening bumper necessary for the careful operation of the unit during collisions with furniture.

Among the advantages - double filtering due to the presence of water and HEPA filter. In the process of cleaning the room, you can not worry about the ingress of dust microparticles into the air: the filter elements block their emission of less than 0.3 microns.

If you have a need to clean the long carpet with cat or dog hair, you can additionally purchase a special turbo brush. It is not provided in the kit, but it is quite possible to use it, unlike an electro-brush.

Users of this model receive mostly positive reviews, if you do not take into account the large weight and size.

Some note the rapid failure of the engine. However, such a breakdown is quite expected in the event of improper operation of the device: overheating, clogged filters, rarely cleaning the dust collector, turning over during the cleaning process.

This is the best option for those who need a standard set of functions at a low price.

4th place - Zelmer ZVC762ZK

If you are looking for the most budget option with aqua-filter, then the presented model will be optimal. Its cost is about 8,800 rubles, but in function it is almost as good as the previous model.

Visually, the unit attracts attention with its brand color range - gray-black with lime accents.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning surfaces - dry / wet;
  • power - 1500 watts;
  • power level control is absent;
  • weight - 8.4 kg;
  • modes of operation - 2 (aqua filter or dust bag);
  • equipment - 7 types of nozzles for cleaning the floor / carpet, furniture, water sprayer, foam neutralizer, floor cleaner;
  • functionality - energy saving engine, bag filling indication, ergo-handle, protective filter, valve, cable auto-winding, double filtration system.

The device also performs both dry type of cleaning, and wet, in t.hours, using a special nozzle collects liquid from the floor.

There is no electronic power control in the product, and there is also no parquet / marble brush in the configuration. However, if necessary, you can separately purchase it, as well as turbo-fitting.

Engine power is slightly lower than previous competitors. However, this characteristic has practically no effect on the quality of cleaning, but only increases the time spent on the cleaning process.

The model is in demand among buyers. Like other devices, the ZVC762ZK device has a short and thin cord, which is repeatedly damaged during operation.

Also note the rapid contamination of the nozzles, and because of this - water seepage in different directions. According to users, there is a lack of an additional valve that keeps water out of the spraying process. Another disadvantage is the absence of a unit for controlling the force of absorption of garbage particles.

In addition to the drawbacks, the model also has many positive qualities - ease of maintenance and operation, multifunctionality, low price, long warranty period of service - up to 4 years.

5th place - Zelmer ZVC752SP

The unit is an average price segment, made in a restrained classic style. Body color - dark blue with silver accents. In stores, this model is sold in the range from 10350 to 13478 rubles. A worthy option that is suitable for washing and cleaning all types of surfaces.

Technical specifications:

  • type of cleaning surfaces - dry / wet;
  • power - 1600 W;
  • power level control - electronic on the product case;
  • weight - 8.5 kg;
  • modes of operation - 2 (bagless with aqua filter or bag);
  • equipment - 8 types of floor brushes, carpets, marble, linoleum, laminate flooring, furniture cleaning, water spray, foam cleaner, chemical floor cleaner;
  • functionality - engineEcoPower, bag indication, device carrying handle, safety filter, safety valve, cord auto-winding, improved filtration system (water + HEPA filter).

The presented model belongs to the seriesAquawelt. The power of the motor in it is 1600 W, which ensures that air masses are drawn in with dust, with a capacity of about 30 l / s.

The device also provides all the functions of dry and wet cleaning, complete with 8 different nozzles, and in the case of the product is a compact compartment for their proper storage.

The device is installedHEPA-filter class H10which catches the smallest particles of dust and allergens. Therefore, the incoming air after cleaning becomes not only humid, but also ultrapure.

After repeated tests of the unit at home, users rated it 4 on a 5-point scale. The device is relatively inexpensive, well washes, collects water, debris, destroys odors, stable, it is easy to disassemble and wash.

When debris accumulates in the aquofilter, the device will notify the user with a flashing indicator, as well as reduce the suction power of the air.

Among the disadvantages most frequently reported by the owners of this model are the low quality of the brushes (the details disappear), the lack of soft bumpers, the fixation of the telescopic tube often fails, and the nozzles are clogged.

The top 5 options with an aqua filter are excellent for coping with two main tasks - collecting dust, dirt and debris, as well as washing carpets and smooth surfaces, efficiently collecting spilled liquids.

For convenience and greater functionality, the devices are equipped with various nozzles for the care of furniture, marble surfaces, laminate flooring.

Water Filter Model Tips

The unit should be chosen according to personal requirements: one is necessary for cleaning the parquet, the other for collecting wool, and the third for taking care of furniture, etc. Let's consider the main details that you should pay attention to when buying a product.

Criterion # 1 - device power

If you need a super-powerful vacuum cleaner with maximum suction power of dust and debris, then you should prefer devices with a 1700 watt motor. In the process of cleaning, they provide the movement of air flow with a force of 30 liters per second.

Model of device with 1500 W engine
Budget models have an engine power of 1500 watts. Such products will also do well in cleaning carpets and smooth surfaces, but the cleaning process will take a little longer.

Criterion # 2 - functionality

For pet owners and families with children, the best helper will be a unit with nozzles for cleaning furniture sets and carpets.

In the case of a long-haired cat or dog breed, as well as owners of long hair, you will need a special turbo brush.

Set of nozzles for vacuum cleaner Zelmer
In the presence of marble or self-leveling mirror floors, you should choose a model that includes a parquet and marble nozzle

The cleaning accessory will allow you to gently clean the surface, leaving no traces of dust and scratches.

If comfort in operating the device is important to you, check whether there is an electronic power regulator on the case, a compartment for storing a set of nozzles, as well as an indication of the occupancy rate of the dust bag and the degree of clogging of the aqua filter in one model or another.

In order to save electricity, purchase units with an energy-saving engine.EcoPower.

Criterion # 3 - filtration system

No less important criterion is the presence of double filtration of air flow. The HEPA filter and water devices installed in the housing provide ultrapurification of air when entering the room.

HEPA filter washing unit
You can safely use your vacuum cleaner for your own health and that of your loved ones, even if you are allergic to dust. The unit collects in a container and does not pass back particles smaller than 0.3 micron

Criterion # 4 - type of cleaning

Vacuum cleaners with aqua filters brand Zelmer are designed for wet cleaning, washing windows, collecting spilled liquid.

The best option when the unit is provided and dry cleaning. This type of cleaning will save time when you need to quickly collect crumbs or sand: you do not need to fill the tank for a long time with water.

Zelmer vacuum cleaners combine 2 types of cleaning, so you can collect garbage, dust or water when the need arises.

Consider the specified criteria when choosing a model so that the purchase meets your expectations and does not bring disappointment.

Basic rules of operation

For a long service life, all appliances must be properly maintained by the user.

Disassembly and cleaning of parts
Timely care of the device prevents the occurrence of breakdowns and minor faults and allows you to extend its work up to 5 years

Brand manufacturer Zelmer recommends the following operating standards:

  • timely replace dust bags, clean them from debris;
  • clean the filter elements, and when they fail, replace them with new ones;
  • monitor the cleanliness of all parts - hose, brushes, body;
  • pour detergent only in a dedicated tank (metered);
  • perform minor repairs in the detection of any faults;
  • do not bend the cord, and in case of accidental deformation, replace or repair it;
  • do not leave the unit permanently plugged in;
  • observe the device operation mode, preventing its overheating;
  • do not use the device to collect construction debris, metal shavings, nails, flammable and combustible substances;
  • after each wet cleaning, wash all tanks, hoses, filters, dry them, remove the remaining detergent.

In the event of any malfunction of the unit, thoroughly clean all parts and mechanisms, wash the HEPA filter and replace it with a new one every 6-12 months.

A serviceable and clean filter element is a guarantee of fresh air in your apartment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of the washing equipment Zelmer:

Recommendations for the proper operation of devices with aqua-filter:

Cleaning equipment company Zelmer - worthy representatives of vacuum cleaners with aqua filters and dust bags of the average price category.For 9000-12000 rubles you get a multifunctional device with the function of collecting garbage, spilled water, cleaning the tracks, washing the marble floorand laminate.

Use these recommendations for the selection and care of the device and your vacuum cleaner will work uninterruptedly for years.

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