The advantage of stainless steel pipe

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of using stainless steel pipes for water metering unit and heating. If you want to buy aisi 304 stainless steel pipe, go to

Stainless steel pipes as well as copper pipes have proven themselves in water supply and heating systems. They are perfect for tying boilers and equipment of the boiler plant. They do not look good for painting because they do not oxidize and do not rust.

Advantages of using stainless steel pipes.


Compared to copper pipes, stainless steel is considered to be a very durable material, which is not much but distinguishes stainless steel for the installation of a water meter and heating systems.


As well as copper pipes, stainless steel can stand for centuries and does not require replacement. There is no rust build-up on the walls of stainless steel pipes, which, like a sponge, will absorb alkali, which helps the appearance of blockages in pipes made of chermet.

Does not oxidize

Stainless steel pipes not only do not rust, but also do not oxidize due to this, they do not require additional attention in the form of painting or varnishing, as it will always look beautifully like a stainless steel pipe - like new. I would also like to emphasize that although a stainless steel does not possess disinfecting and disinfecting properties like copper, but for that it does not care for acid and various aggressive effects of chemistry.


Pipeline installation with stainless steel pipes is slightly inferior to copper pipes as it does not leave to solder with tin as well as copper, however this installation method is not the only one and pipelines can be assembled at the press fitting, which is also widely used for copper installation and also has before polypropylene in that it is performed in a non-linear way

Low increase rate

We also have to say that stainless pipes have a very small increase factor, as well as all metals, thanks to this, it is safe to install long pipes from pipes without fear that during expansion they will lead and ruin because of heating.

Heat conductivity

The heat conductivity of stainless pipes is inferior to copper pipes, but still it is a metal that is quite suitable for use as a material for the production of heat exchangers. And its heat resistance finds great use in furnaces with high temperatures.

Heat resistance

The melting point of a stainless steel is about 1800 ° C, thanks to which stainless steel pipes can be tied around boiler installations of any capacity in the flesh to a very large scale. And the reliability of stainless steel pipes is not inferior to the steel pipeline. In addition, stainless pipes are often used for the manufacture of burners in furnaces with a high temperature.

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