Tesla 3 2018

Since Tesla presented its first electric car to the world in 2006, not much time has passed. But the evolution of environmentally friendly cars that run exclusively on electricity is impressive. The models of the S and X series, which have received incredible popularity in the USA and many European countries, will be replaced by Tesla 3, the official start of sales of which is planned for the beginning of 2018.

Tesla 2018

New Tesla 3 Development

The prototype of the new car was presented on March 31, 2016 and aroused a lively interest of those wishing to become the owner of this unusual car that combines:

  1. environmental friendliness;
  2. stylish design;
  3. excellent agility and maneuverability;
  4. high comfort of the driver and passengers;
  5. security.

To all the listed advantages, it is worth adding the announced price of a new model, starting with 35 thousand dollars (in the USA), which is quite a bit for a car of this class.

Although the technical specifications and even the final sketches at the time of opening presale were in question, already from the first day, Tesla dealerships had long queues.There were many who wanted to be among the lucky owners of Tesla 3, the production and sale of which will begin no earlier than the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018.

Silver Tesla 3New Tesla-3 2018Panoramic roof of the new Tesla 3Tesla 3 charging

Overview of the new Tesla III 2018

The official presentation of the long-awaited news was held on July 28, 2017. The enchanting show was held at the Tesla plant in the city of Fremont (California), where they had already assembled the first 50 models of the electric car, promising to become one of the top TOP new products of the car market in 2018.

It is necessary to pay tribute to the designers and engineers of Tesla, because the real car is almost no different from the withered prototype.


The new Tesla is a five-door sedan, the dimensions of which are comparable to the size of the Mercedes C-Class.


4694 mm


1849 mm


1443 mm


2875 mm

Externally, the body retained the similarity with the liftback model S, but acquired some personal features, such as:

  • lack of grille;
  • updated head optics;
  • panoramic roof, made of glass that can absorb UV rays.
Head optics of the new TeslaBody line Tesla 3 2018Optics Tesla 3Updated Tesla body

Of course, Tesla 3, expected in the first months of 2018, is slightly less than its predecessor, but thanks to improved aerodynamics and reduced weight, the designers managed to achieve significant savings in battery charge, and the price of an electric car became much more affordable.

Stylish 19-inch wheels give the car a dynamic look and favorably emphasize the elegance of the design decision. The design features of cars leave not much space for luggage. The total volume of two trunks is 435 liters.

Trunk of Tesla 3

Tesla III Interior

The interior of the new Tesla is one of the most discussed topics. Ilon Mask was able to surprise with a non-standard approach, which consists in the complete rejection of old-school devices. Behind the Tesla III steering wheel, there is no hint of a speedometer, a tachometer and other instruments familiar to the current driver. All information is displayed on a large 15-inch touchscreen monitor located in the center of the console or projected onto the windshield. Also not in the new electric car and mechanical buttons or switches. Even all the handles in the car are touch-sensitive, and the owner can open the car simply with the help of his smartphone or with a special key that looks like a credit card.

Interior Tesla 3 2018

No less interesting will be for the owners and servo steering of the Tesla 3, on which instead of a set of buttons there are only 2 small joysticks.

Conciseness, close to minimalism, does not deprive the driver and passengers of the expected comfort.Test drive a new model showed that even a long journey in this car will not be a burden, because there is everything that may be required, including 2 slots for wireless charging of gadgets.

Interior Tesla 3Panoramic glass on the roof of the Tesla 3Panoramic roof Tesla 3Passenger seats Tesla 3 2018
Interior Tesla 3 2018New Tesla 3 driver seatTesla Monitor 3Laconic Tesla Design 3

Different interior colors are possible, from neutral dark shades in the most popular models to luxurious white leather and elite mahogany in the premium car segment. It is worth noting that the release of the new troika in the customized version of Signature is not planned.

Technical characteristics of the new Tesla 2018

During the presentation of the novelty, Ilon Mask repeatedly addressed the problem of pollution of the ozone layer of the Earth. Electric cars - the future of our planet! The first task that Tesla engineers set for themselves is the design and production of cars that, if they completely abandon internal combustion engines, will be able to provide the owner with maximum freedom and the ability to choose the optimal speed mode of movement.

New 2018 Tesla Model

At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, rear-wheel drive Tesla 3 models equipped with a 44 kWh battery and one electric motor located at the rear of the car will go on sale. Later, it is planned to release a four-wheel drive version with two electric motors and a 66 kW / h battery.

The technical characteristics of the rear-wheel drive Tesla III, although inferior to the predecessor of the S-series, are still quite acceptable:

  1. Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles / hour (96 km / hour) in just 5.1-5.6 seconds.
  2. Mileage of about 352-496 km on one battery charge (for the all-wheel drive version, this parameter will be increased to 515 km).
  3. The drag coefficient is 0.21.
  4. The maximum speed is estimated at 200 km / h (no official tests have yet been performed).
  5. A fast charging system that allows you to charge batteries from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes (220 V mains charging is also possible, which takes about 6 hours).

It is known that the troika will receive the autopilot function. But, in the basic configuration, the functional of the system will only support movement along one lane. Performing any maneuvers while moving will require pilot intervention.

Tesla 3 new modelTesla 3 already in 2018


According to the creator, Tesla III will become one of the safest cars in the world. For passive protection in the cabin 6 airbags are provided, as well as a modern complex of assistive electronics for effective collision avoidance.

Since the official crash tests of the model have not yet been conducted, it remains only to hope that the statements of Ilona Mask will receive confirmation, and the new Tesla will receive an additional + in the form of a corresponding certificate.

Presentation Tesla 3

What to pay more?

Although, the basic equipment in the United States will cost 35 thousand dollars, the price of the new Tesla 3, shown in the photo, may be about 50 thousand by the beginning of 2018. For what will the happy owners of the opportunity to buy the elite version of Tesla overpay?

  1. four-wheel drive;
  2. Extended battery capacity;
  3. glass with UV filter;
  4. leather interior;
  5. electric steering column and front seats;
  6. multifunctional autopilot;
  7. full unmanned control system (will appear in the future);
  8. modern audio system;
  9. color "metallic" (base color - black);
  10. 19-inch rim wheels with low profile tires.

New Tesla 3 2018

The only problem that stands between those who want to become the owner of the new “troika” and their dream is the low production volumes. Due to the high demand for the model, the owners of the Tesla S and X series will be eligible to become the first owners. And, only when all the current customers of the company are satisfied, the car will go to car dealerships in the USA and other countries.

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