Technology laying tiles on drywall in the bathroom

Alignment of the bathroom walls with drywall sheets for tile installation is a necessary construction solution. These two universal materials are easy to install. They can be laid independently, without attracting highly paid specialists. HL in combination with tile creates a perfectly smooth, convenient for cleaning the surface of the wall. The only nuance of finishing work is the use of moisture-resistant sheets of green plasterboard brand GKLV. But today we will not stop at work with drywall. We will take a closer look at how the laying of tiles on drywall is done, and the nuances of the bathroom wall decoration.

Laying tiles on drywall in the bathroom

Tips for choosing tiles

The choice of quality tiles for the walls is the key to a beautiful finish. There is such a thing as ceramic and tile. Often people have a question: what is the difference between them and which one is better to choose? The fact is that tile is a kind of ceramic tile.Both materials are made using similar technologies of clay and various additives. But on the quality of manufacturing before buying ceramic tiles, you need to pay special attention:

  • The material must be selected from a proven manufacturer indicated on the back of the product. Pay attention to the consignment. Products from different batches of the same company may differ in color shades, which will be significantly noticeable on the wall;
  • the lack of marking on the back of the product indicates a second-rate origin of the tile. Such tiles often differ in thickness, and laying them will be difficult;
  • the outer side of the tile should be perfectly smooth without cracks with a clear pattern. Flat angles and straight sides indicate the quality of the material. Large gaps between the tiles attached to each other speak of marriage;
  • the hardness of the tile is determined by applying a slight blow. The resulting dull sound confirms the poor quality. Good pottery should ring;
  • It is more convenient to buy expensive ceramics individually, rather than square meters. By performing an accurate count of the material before laying, you can save money by not buying extra tiles.

The choice of glue for ceramics

For gluing tiles apply two basic types of glue:

  • Adhesive in the form of a mixture based on cement is used to work with a paper surface. It is the most affordable and affordable;
  • dry mixture of elastic glue requires self-preparation. It is allocated with high durability of pasting, simplicity in work. But its value is slightly higher than the previous one.

You can add liquid nails to this list. High technology manufacturing glue makes it the highest quality, but very expensive option. Liquid nails are not used as a primary glue. It is used to glue individual tiles that have fallen off the wall.

Dry glue prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions. The mixture is stirred in a tank with an electric drill with a nozzle. Knead a small amount of glue, about 1 square. m tiles. A lot of the mixture does not quickly work out, and it hardens.

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Technology laying tiles on drywall in the bathroom 61

Technology laying tiles on drywall in the bathroom 31

Technology laying tiles on drywall in the bathroom 20

Technology laying tiles on drywall in the bathroom 39

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