Tariff of MTS "Smart Unlimited": description, cost and reviews

Today we have to find out what istariff plan from MTS under the name "Smart Unlimited". Description, terms of use, as well as opinions of subscribers will be presented to your attention. Finding a profitable tariff that best meets the requirements of a modern user is not so simple. But the current cellular operators offer a fairly wide range of services. What can you expect in this situation? What are the conditions for the tariff plan "Smart Unlimited"?

Short description

The proposal is a real onea gift for those who are used to communicating a lot. In particular, with the help of the World Wide Web. "Smart Unlimited", the description of which is presented, - the tariff plan for active Internet users.smart unlimited description

With it, you can go online atmobile device without restrictions. That is, unlimited Internet access is guaranteed. Just what is so necessary for modern active users! What are the main features of this proposal? What you need to pay attention to?

the Internet

Now you need to know the full description. "Smart Unlimited" - a tariff plan, which, as already mentioned, is intended exclusively for outgoing subscribers. It helps to use traffic without restrictions. What about the Internet on a mobile device?

Specifically, the "Smart Unlimited", "the description of which is presented, allows you to work inside the home region without taking into account traffic. A distinctive feature is also the fact that traveling in Russia can also use the mobile network without restrictions. You will not have to pay for it. But in roaming it is already necessary either to connect additional options packages, or to pay according to the conditions exhibited by this or that region. Usually the first variant of the development of events takes place.

Calls to MTS

Tariff of MTS "Smart Unlimited", the description of whichpresented in the article, is not only unlimited calls. The proposal, according to numerous reviews, suitable active subscribers, who are surrounded by many listed mobile operator.smart unlimited tariff description

Why? The thing is that there are 200 free minutes of talk here. Tariff of MTS "Smart Unlimited" (its description is presented below) is communication without restrictions. The first 200 minutes of conversation will be absolutely free. And it can not but rejoice.

So why does this plan fit perfectlypeople who have friends and relatives using MTS? The thing is that "Smart Unlimited" allows even after the exhaustion of this limit to communicate with MTS subscribers for free. Not only inside the home region, but also within the whole of Russia.

Other conversations

What's next? What features should I pay attention to before switching to Smart Unlimited (MTS)? The description of this proposal can not bypass the calls to the numbers of other mobile operators. With MTS everything is clear - free of charge always and everywhere. But what about if a person communicates actively with all operators?

To be frightened it is not necessary. Many people point out that this tariff is a very advantageous offer. Why? All thanks to the fact that 200 minutes of free calls are provided. But only the first in a month are taken into account. After the exhaustion of this limit will have to pay.smart unlimited mts description

How many and in what cases? "Smart Unlimited", the description of which is presented to your attention, requires payment of only 1.5 rubles per minute of conversation, if the subscriber calls to phones inside the home region. While traveling in Russia, for a similar call you will have to pay only 5 rubles. Many point out that these are very favorable rates.


But this is not all the features. Some call not only in Russia, but also in other countries. In this area, you can see that the "Smart Bezlimitische" description is not much different from most of the tariffs of MTS. Why? The thing is that when calling to other countries, the minute of conversation has the following rates:

  • 35 rubles - the CIS countries;
  • 49 rubles - calls to Europe;
  • 70 rubles - all other states.

These services are not often used, but they are taken into account. Such prices are encouraging. Especially considering all the above listed opportunities!


What other surprises did the MTS tariff SmartUnlimited "? The description of this proposal indicates that this plan provides for free SMS. That is, you can even exchange messages without additional payment. But with some limitations.rate mts smart unlimited description

It's all about the fact that a month is allowed to sendonly 200 SMS and MMS to any mobile phone in Russia. Only after this limit is required to pay. Both inside the home region, and beyond. If it is a question of a local exchange of SMS, you will have to pay 1.5 rubles for 1 letter. Reports to all other regions of the country cost 1.95 rubles. Write to international numbers can be for 5.25 rubles. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this tariff plan. MMS is also free until a certain point. When this limit has expired, you will have to pay 9,90 rubles for 1 multimedia letter. And this is for any report on Russia.


What else you need to know about the Smart offer?Unlimited "? The tariff description (Moscow or any other region is not so important) must necessarily contain information about the cost of a proposal from the mobile operator. Otherwise, it is impossible to say with certainty that the chosen variant of communication is beneficial.

What prices in other regions is offered by SmartUnlimited "? Krasnodar Region description of the tariff allows you to find out in the branches of the company that are open in the region. It does not differ from the proposals for other regions. So, the first month the subscription fee will be only 12 rubles 90 kopecks per day. And then you have to pay 15 rubles per day. About 450 rubles a month.

Not the cheapest offer. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account all the advantages that the tariff plan gives. If you notice that it's possible to talk with MTS for free, and also exchange SMS, MMS and use the Internet for mobile without additional payment, then 450 rubles is a quite humane solution to problems with mobile communication.smart unlimited description of the fare Moscow


Now it is clear what "Smart" isUnlimited. " Description of the tariff Moscow knows, as the conditions are absolutely identical for all regions. A similar proposal attracts the audience. But how profitable is it? Feedback will help you understand the task.

In general, "Smart Unlimited" (the description of the tariff waspresented earlier) makes a good impression on customers. Especially happy are those who have been using MTS for a long time. It is noted that this tariff plan is an excellent solution for people who actively use social networks, the Internet and communication. That is, he is a real godsend for sociable people.

There are no complaints about the quality of the connection. Failures occur rarely. But no one is immune from them. Some express dissatisfaction with the cost of the Smart Unlimited package. The description indicates that a month, as already mentioned, will have to give a little less than 500 rubles. I would like to have a monthly fee less. But also it is very good indicators. Given the free connection with MTS throughout Russia, of course.

smart unlimited Krasnodar region description

Some discontent is expressed aboutInternet connection. The speed of the mobile network, as many assure, leaves much to be desired. In the evening there are frequent failures, in the afternoon the speed is not as high as we would like. Some say that it is simply impossible to work. But such utterances are extremely few.


Now it is clear what "Smart Unlimited" (MTS) is. The description of this proposal pleases many. Only for 450 rubles you can get:

  • mobile Internet without limits;
  • 200 minutes of free-of-charge conversation with operators across Russia;
  • unlimited communication with MTS within the country;
  • 200 SMS and MMS.

Most of this is enough even for the most activesubscriber. Here is a "Smart Unlimited" description. Reviews indicate that the advantage is also the payment of the tariff. Daily pricing is provided here. That is, a person pays for the days of using the offer.smart no limit description reviews

You can subscribe to the tariff on the official MTS website, by purchasing the corresponding SIM card, and by the USSD-command: * 111 * 3888 #.

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