Table entertainment for a small group of adults with fun games, quizzes, jokes and contests.

on 22.01.2018

Feast- It is an integral part of any holiday and it does not matter whether it is a birthday, a wedding or a New Year. Many people like to eat and talk tasty, but what to do when guests start to get bored? The best solution would be entertainment for adults. Well, our magazine picked up the best contests, quizzes, jokes for a small fun company.

The main thing in the article

Modern table fun contests for a small fun company of adults

The beginning of the feast is always characterized by a slight awkwardness, since familiar people do not always gather around the table. Therefore, it is still too early to embark on cool contests and fun with “interesting” overtones.For the beginning of fun, intellectual contests are suitable, where a sober mind is involved.

  • Questions and answers.Prepare papers in advance with questions and answers. For example, the questions: “Do you often drink?”, “Do you like to laugh at others?” Answers: “Thoughts about this lead me to ecstasy” or “If nobody sees”. On the Internet you can find thousands of questions and answers for this game. Having prepared the pieces of paper in advance, separate them and let those sitting at the table choose a piece of paper from each "pile". All guests must take turns to read their question and answer.
  • Fanta.All those present are taken on one thing (keys, ring, clock). Everything is in one bag. Each of those present guessing a task that must be performed by the one whose thing the leader pulls out of the bag.
  • Well no.Depending on the type of activity or addiction of the audience, choose a topic (animals, movies, colleagues). Someone alone thinks of an animal or person on a topic and answers questions of the audience only yes or no. All the rest ask leading questions and guess the thought.

Table Quiz for a small company of adults


Interesting fact: For the first time such a thing as a quiz in our country appeared like a column in the newspaper Ogonyok in 1928. After intellectual competitions began to be held in schools, universities, and even on television in the form of television shows (Field of Miracles, What? Where? When?).

Today, quizzes are actively used in table gatherings for the entertainment of adult companies. The most popular include:

  • Ask a Question.Pre-prepared cards with comic questions and answers. They are placed in two piles. The first participant takes a card with a question and reads it. The person sitting next to him must take a card with the answer and answer the question asked. Further, the respondent takes a card with a question and so in a circle all guests must answer cool questions.
  • Historical bones. Two dice are issued to the assembled. Each of the guests rolls the dice, and when a certain number falls out, it tells what a significant event happened in the year ending with the figure that fell out. For example, 2 fell on the bones, the player must tell that he remembers the momentous from 1982, 1992 or 2002.
  • Guess.Each of those present writes his wish on a piece of paper.All notes are folded in a jar. The leader pulls out one piece of paper and reads desires. The guest who wrote is silent, and everyone else is trying to guess who made such a wish.

Funny jokes for a fun company of adults

Party peopleYou can make fun of those present at the feast, thereby raising the spirits of everyone around. For example:

  • Comic dispute.You can argue with someone from the party that you can drink 10 or even 20 cups of tea with lemon (the more courageous can offer to drink weak alcohol with lemon). The joke is that a whole lemon falls into the cup, so there is very little liquid in it.
  • Reading thoughts.Pre-harvested pieces of songs. The host approaches each guest and reads their thoughts as if, at this time, excerpts from the songs are included (“I want to get married, I want to get married ...”, “Take me soon, take over 100 seas and kiss me everywhere ...”, “Walk crazy Empress ... "). It turns out very funny and fun.
  • Boxers. Choose from the two guys of strong build, who do not mind to measure their strength. Give them boxing gloves and “prepare” for battle. When the gloves are tied, the presenter will have to give the guys some chocolate candy and say that the winner is the one who first unwinds the candy in boxing gloves.

Table joke contests and games for a company of colleagues at corporate parties

No company can do without corporate parties. It is these events that allow colleagues to get acquainted closer and open up completely from unexpected sides. Colleagues usually use team contests with symbolic gifts to entertain colleagues.

  • Tell me a story.The competition is aimed at writing a funny story. If colleagues sit at one long table, then you can make two teams on the right and left side of the table. The presenter on a piece of paper writes a word or sentence of a certain subject related to work, production, and relationships in a team. Further, the sheet is transferred to the table and each adds 1-3 words on the topic. In the end, the presenter reads the resulting stories. Whose story turns out funnier, and the team won.
  • Crocodile for colleagues.The game differs from the usual crocodile only in that all those present write their full name and position on a piece of paper, which they put in one container. In turn, each of the colleagues goes to the center, pulls out a piece of paper and tries to portray a colleague written on a piece of paper. The one who guesses goes to show the next colleague.
  • Kiss the bird (bunny).The players become round and say where the imaginary bird (bunny) is being kissed, there is no place for kisses to repeat. When the circle is over, the host announces that now everyone is kissing the neighbor to the place where he has kissed the birdie.

Moving fun games for an adult small company

small company
In an adult company, with increasing degrees, sexual energy is heating up and games begin to acquire ambiguous overtones. Therefore, for a fun pastime, you can invite those gathered to play outdoor games.

  • Track.The game involves two teams. It will be more interesting if it is a separate team of boys and girls. Competition rules provide for the folding of the track from the things of team members. In a tipsy company, such a competition can lead to unforeseen stripping. The team with the longest track wins.
  • Insert or fishing for adults.Several pairs are chosen for the game. Rope-bound pencils are given to men, while girls hold empty champagne bottles in their knees. The task of men - from a distance to get into the neck of the bottle with a pencil.
  • Guess where I am.On the back of the contestants are attached papers with the place where they are. The facilitator asks questions with suggestive words. The competitor must answer questions until he guesses where he is. This contest can be viewed on the fun video below.

Drinking jokes and fun games for the elderly company

Older people also like to have a good rest, but not always contests with double meaning are appropriate in such companies. Therefore, to offer people to play for ... you can in these games.

  • Funny dressing up.In advance you need to prepare a bag of props. Put hats, cool glasses, handkerchiefs, bibs, hospital masks, caps, children's scarves, a clown nose, etc. into the bag. All guests must remain in their attire until the end of the game.
  • Why did I come to the holiday. Funny answers are being prepared for the question: “Why did I come for the holiday?” (It was boring to eat, to walk a new dress). Papers are distributed to those present, who in turn answer why they came to the feast.

Funny table contests and games for a small female company

girlsFemale small companies not only gossip at the table, but also have fun at contests and various games. Topical will be the theme of fashion, gifts, families, suitors. Play the beautiful of this world can in these games:

  • Smile.Three to five girls are selected from the company, and each of them has a task to smile:
    - to a loved one;
    - as if she won a million;
    - as if I saw an expensive gift, etc.
    The remaining company will give a guess what was the basis of the smile they saw.
  • Ladies handbag. Props are prepared for this competition in advance. In the bag there are different things (keys, cosmetics, accessories, not quite female things). A woman in the competition is blindfolded. She with one hand pulls an object out of her purse and tries to guess what it is. The second hand can not be used.
  • Fashionistas.Lipsticks or lip liners are given to girls. Blindfolded, each should make up her lips or make a contour with a pencil. For more fun you can offer to paint lips to each other.

Drinking entertainment for drunk fun company

drunk company
The most fun begins when the company is slightly drunk.Then shyness, stiffness “hide”. Such a company can offer the following options for contests and "intellectual" quizzes.

  • Check for sobriety.Suggest to the drunk sitting at the table to take a sobriety test. To do this, ask everyone to repeat the patter or compound words (router, lilac, etc.). Since the host or presenter may also be slightly drunk, it is better for this contest to prepare pieces of paper with patters written on them.
  • Sea of ​​vodka.In glasses for guests who agree to play this game, pour water and only one vodka. Each issued a tube. In the process of drinking in glasses, guests try to guess where vodka is. The same "lucky man" who got vodka, by all means depicts that he drinks water.
  • Deer.One of the company is taken to another room and asked to show the deer to the audience without words. At the same time, ask all present to pretend that they do not understand whom the previously withdrawn person is showing. With his attempts to show the deer the guest will cause a storm of laughter and positive emotions among the drunken guests.Instead of a deer, you can guess a kangaroo, hare or any other interesting animal.

Funny video contests for wedding parties

Fun entertainment for guests of the house for a birthday or anniversary

So that the guests will not be bored on your holiday, offer them funny contests and games.

  • Chamomile.A very popular game on birthdays. Cardboard is made improvised chamomile. Various assignments for guests are written on the sheets (depict the March cat, kiss the third person on the left side of the table, etc.) The guest tears off a petal and performs a task written on it.
  • Who am I?Funny pictures with different funny funny characters, animals, cartoons are prepared in advance. Cards with questions of this nature are also made: “In the morning I look like ..”, “At work I am like ...”, etc. After the question is read, the reader raises the card with the picture and shows it to those present.
  • Who knows the birthday man (hero of the day) better.The presenter asks questions about the birthday or jubilee (year of birth, favorite dish, with what weight was born). Each correctly answered is given an imaginary coin. The one who collects more coins wins.

Family feast: comic contests, games, quizzes for the family

Since the family feast provides for the presence of both the youngest guests and people in the age, contests should be universal and should be appreciated by all present relatives. Relatives can be invited to play the following games:

  • guess. The participant is blindfolded and placed in front of him a plate with some object. With the help of a fork, the participant must recognize what is on the plate.
  • I look like…The game is to prepare questions that are based on “I am like” (at work I look like ... in the morning I look like ...) they are put into one bag. In the other, answers are collected: an elephant, a hedgehog, a bus, etc. Each participant draws a question and an answer, after a funny combination is read aloud.
  • Guess the proverb. The presenter makes an upside-down proverb, and those present must guess it. Here are some examples of proverbs.

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