Suspended ceilings, their types

False ceilings, quite comfortable and familiar thing for us. Since under the ceiling design we can hide all the flaws and other design flaws of your home or office. In this case, everything will match your taste and design decision.

There are several types of materials from which to make ceilings. Let's look at how to make a repair of the ceiling with your own hands, and what materials are needed.

The first and easiest is plastic panels. Plastic panels are designed not only for covering walls, but also for the manufacture of ceilings. The frame is made of wood or galvanized metal profile. These ceilings are mainly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, as they are easy to maintain. There are a large number of color panels, so that they fit well into your interior.

Armstrong - this ceiling is made of special profiles and panels supplied with it. Easy to install, the width of the cell 60 * 60cm, which is inserted into the panel.Also, special fluorescent lights are easily mounted in this cell. Armstrong ceiling is intended mainly for office space.

Suspended ceilings of plasterboard. In this variant of the ceiling, the flight of your thoughts is unlimited. You can create multi-level ceilings with different complex decorative figures. Recessed spot or other type of lighting, only emphasize the individuality of your interior. This ceiling is quite unpretentious in maintenance. There are plates designed for wet rooms. After installation it needs further fine-tuning, namely in putty and dyeing or pasting wallpaper.

Stretch ceilings Noginsk. They are made of special fabric, which is mounted on special profiles. It allows you to create different types of shapes, which makes it possible to create unforgettable interiors of varying complexity. It is also a good sound insulator. Very easy to maintain, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Not afraid of moisture, which allows it to be used in wet areas.

Using these materials you can repair the ceiling in the room, kitchen or bath. Good luck with your choice and exclusive interiors.

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