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Images of stars - an indispensable attribute of many crafts. They are used in everyday decoration, to create holiday cards, in children's creativity and in many other areas. We have made for you a selection of stencils of stars, trying to take into account most of the options for their use.

It offers a variety of images. Among them are both the most popular traditional stars and original patterns that are rarely found. You can increase or decrease images in size using the tools of any graphic editor. You can also collect multiple images on one sheet to use at once. Fill with paint or discolor, link with other popular templates - do what you want.

Any stencils of stars in this collection are available for printing and subsequent cutting out of paper. Some of them will be convenient to immediately impose on some kind of background. In addition, you can take them as a basis, to then create some kind of voluminous crafts.For example, for some of these stencils, you can make an asterisk to decorate a Christmas tree or a soft toy in the form of a cute marine star. Use as patterns, patterns for drawing outlines of stars on walls, a landmark for creating a starry sky in a room, etc.

Some stencils are most sensible to print. Other stars are easier to copy on paper and cut. Whatever you are looking for - browse the entire selection to find the best one.

star pattern

star pattern

flower star pattern

star pattern flying

star colored pattern

star yellow pattern

sheriff star pattern

star gingerbread pattern

star gingerbread pattern

star pattern

star pattern

star cartoon pattern

star pattern with smile

star yellow pattern

blue star pattern

gold star pattern

red star pattern

star pattern

volume star template

star comet pattern

We hope that you not only found what you were looking for, but also inspired you to create new handicrafts. Among the stencils of the stars in this collection are strict, funny, modern, classic and others - you may want to save a couple of templates for future crafts.

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