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Posted by22.02.2018

Flower stencils are always in demand when making various handicrafts. Take a look at this selection to reduce your time to find the necessary decor. In this article you will find the most popular color patterns that you can easily draw or just download and print.

water lily pattern
We offer you beautiful stencils of the most common colors: roses, lilies, chamomiles, tulips, poppies, asters, sunflowers, etc. Also in the collection you will find very unusual patterns: fabulous flowers and mandala flowers with fancy bends. However, we tried to avoid too small details, as it is always inconvenient to cut them.

Some stencils will be useful to you for scrapbooking or decorating cards, others will be excellent appliqués for decorating clothes or the basis for embroidery, others will be suitable for the decoration of a wide variety of interior items. We offer you templates with large petals that do not require complex cutting - these stencils are suitable even for children's crafts.We also picked up pictures with fancy bends and more complex details that will appeal to even the most experienced craftsmen.

Any image can be reduced or enlarged, and then printed. The simplest samples can be simply taken as a guide and copied from the screen.

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