State pension of a municipal employee in 2017

Judging by the latest information that comes from the State Duma, in 2017, pension reform will affect not only ordinary pensioners, but also former officials.

Pensions to municipal employees in 2017will be revised, and the retirement age will increase.

What other changes to expect in this area, this article will tell.

Extreme social security

The economic crisis has not retreated and continues to “punch” gaps in the budget of the Russian Federation. The sharp cuts in revenue led to the fact that officials were forced to make plans for austerity. Not bypassed they party and spending on pensions. So the indexation in February occurred only by 4%, and there is no question about an additional one yet.

Now this question is very difficult to decide, and it’s impossible to predict whether indexation will be possible in the future. In addition, the authorities concluded that the funded part of the pension will remain “frozen” for an indefinite period.

retired public servants in 2017 latest news

The most pressing issue today is the increase in the retirement age. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, also authorized by the expert community, are actively promoting this initiative.

As Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs Andrei Belousov noted, today in Russia there is a huge budget overrun for the social sphere. Because of this, other areas suffer, because funding simply does not reach them.

The economic field is slowly “dying off”, investments in infrastructure developments are decreasing. In addition, the instability and lack of focus on the pension system implies the immediate implementation of pension reforms.

Belousov even provided data relating to the Pension Fund. Based on them, it is clear that the PF deficit is already close to a critical value, namely, 2 trillion. rubles. Over the past few years, this figure has only increased, and if you do not take urgent measures, it can develop negative consequences. If you raise the retirement age, the load on the Pension Fund will decrease, and the social sphere will stabilize.

Considering that among the population such a decision may cause a number of negative emotions, the retirement age will increase only for municipal employees. In addition, adjustments are expected in the calculation of pensions for this category of citizens.

Future innovations

2017 municipal pension for municipal employeesAlready in the coming year, the question of raising the retirement age will be submitted for review. In May 2016, the law was adopted in the third reading, but still it requires some modifications. It should be noted that every year, 6 months will be added to the already existing term and by 2032 women will retire at 63 years old, and the representatives of the stronger sex will be 65 years old.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor, such changes will be unexpected news for 1 million employees. Those parliamentarians who did not manage to achieve an insurance pension will not feel the impact of this reform.

Together with the retirement age, the deputies considered the number of seniority required in order to issue pension payments for years of service. According to the new decree, this figure will increase from 15 years to 20 years. As with the retirement age, the required number of years of service will grow every year for 6 months.

Parliamentarians have begun to revise the criteria for obtaining an increase in the insurance pension for deputies and senators.For example, earlier, an increase of 55% was made out if the official performed his duties for 1 year, and now it will be 5 years. If an employee wants to receive a surcharge of 75%, he must work 10 years, not 3 years, as was previously the case.

According to workers of the Ministry of Labor, all branches of this reform will help save 600 million rubles a year, and in a few years everyone will notice the economic effect of these innovations. But state savings will not remain idle, the deputy head of the ministry Andrei Pudov notes. The money will be directed to a further increase in pensions for all categories of citizens.

Changes in the pension system, which relate to municipal employees, will be able to improve work efficiency, as well as retain qualified personnel at their workplaces.

Few words about pension issues

municipal pension in 2017As for raising the retirement age for other categories of citizens, this issue is still open. Officials say that the total number of pensioners is approaching the total number of working citizens, and this may lead to a collapse of the pension system.

If earlier, it was possible to finance the overspending on social standards at the expense of large revenues from the export of oil and gas, then at present it is not realistic to do this.The protracted crisis forces deputies to abandon their usual measures and switch to unpopular ways of “survival”.

How correct will be the decisions made regarding municipal pensions in 2017 a little later. But the government assures that all these measures are temporary and after the situation in the external and global market stabilizes, the life of the Russians will improve. The introduction of pension reforms will help Russia to stay afloat and survive in this difficult time.

I would like to believe in all these statements of deputies will be true, because the mood of the working population of the country depends on them. And the better it is, the more productive the activity will be, both of the simple masters at the plant, and the high-ranking officials of our state.

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